leafJerry and Susan Albrecht

leafKim Alexander

leafMichael Belcher

leafBlackford County Community Foundation, Inc

leafSteve Borchers

leafTim and Debbie Dailey

leafDawn M. Brown

leafMark Draves

leafJim and Dory Brunner

leafJim and Joyce Dunn

leafJack Cole

leafJohn and Linda Earnest

leafRich and Alexis Earnest

leafJoyce Fuller

leafChuck and Johnny Sue Herriman

leafEd and Marla Keppler

leafDon and Joyce Eltzroth

leafTom and Julie Gearhart

leafJerry and Jeanine Holderead

leafMary Jane LeFavour

leafGeoff and Lori Eltzroth

leafCourtney and Cindy Gorman

leafJerry and Karen Jones

leafTony and Jenny Maidenberg

leafHarry and Jane Finch

leafMr. and Mrs. William R Harris

leafJohn Jones

leafTom and Joan Marcuccilli

leafJim and Pat Marcuccilli

leafGeorgette Miller

leafJon and Becky Marler

leafRuth B. Mills

leafEmerson October McKnight

leafGlen Moulton

leafTowbin Barrett McKnight


leafCraig and Sarah Persinger

leafTroy Reed and Wendee Gilbert

leafRobert and Helen Richards

leafSherri Rush

leafRobert Rittman

leafBelinda Scholl

leafKurt and Jean Schlesselman

leafDarrel Smith

leafMaggi Spartz

leafSpitzer Herriman Stephenson Holderead Musser & Conner LLP

leafAlivia Jane Strickland

leafLinda Taylor

leafCharlie and Bernie Wallace

leafJim and Nancy Walts

leafLJ Yoder

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