All scholarship applicants are required to complete the College Cost Estimator to be considered for Community Foundation scholarships. The CCE link is accessible through the Community Foundation’s scholarship application.

The analysis of financial resources available to help fund post-secondary education is one of the factors considered by the Community Foundation’s selection committee for all of our scholarships. In an effort to assess the financial need of applicants, we require that all applicants:

  1. Start the Community Foundation’s scholarship application.
  2. Complete a College Costs Estimator form and corresponding release form (even if one has been completed previously*), by going to the Community Foundation’s scholarship application.

A summary report based on the applicants’ completed College Costs Estimators will be generated for the Foundation by the National Center for College Costs. The summary report will provide the Foundation with enough information to evaluate financial factors in the selection process. We understand that the information you provide to the National Center for College Costs is considered personal and confidential, so the Center’s analysis of your numbers will only be released once they have received an online signed release from you. The applicant summary report will be the only financial information seen by the Community Foundation’s Staff and Scholarship Committee and will be used only during the scholarship selection process.

*If you have completed a College Costs Estimator after September 1, 2014, contact the National Center for College Costs at 877-687-7291 to see if your previously submitted form can be used for scholarship purposes.  Accurate, up-to-date information is required for all applicants and a new Estimator may be required even if one was submitted previously. Online signed release forms MUST be submitted by all scholarship applicants.

An added benefit for your entire family: By completing the College Costs Estimator form for Community Foundation of Grant County scholarships, you and your family will receive a customized report summarizing the results of your Estimator analysis. You and your family also will have access to the staff at the National Center for College Costs via a toll-free line and email in the months/years ahead, at no cost to you, should you need assistance dealing with college costs and financial aid issues.

For Estimators submitted online, family reports will be mailed, or emailed, depending upon the student’s selection.

Gathering Your Information:

The ICCE has been designed to be as quick and easy as possible and is estimated to take most users approximately 15 minutes. In order to expedite the completion of the Indiana College Costs Estimator, it is wise to have the following information handy before starting:

  • Parent and student tax forms (1040EZ, 1040A or 1040) and/or W-2s
  • Parent and student untaxed income information
  • Parent and student asset information
  • Parent business and/or farm records, if applicable

View a step-by-step summary of the College Costs Estimator here

*Because actual federal, state, and institutional financial aid is based on the forms and information listed above, it is important you provide the same information in order to produce accurate estimates.