youth grants 2013
“Philanthropy:  Easier done than said.”

That’s one of our favorite quotes around here.  Try saying “Philanthropy” three times fast and you’ll understand why.  It’s a hard word.  But being philanthropic isn’t nearly as hard.  It’s actually pretty easy.  So easy, in fact, kids can do it.  And that’s what the Youth Grants program is all about:  Teaching kids how to be philanthropic in their communities.

The Youth Grants Program was established in 1997 to teach the youth of Grant County the values and rewards of philanthropy. 

If you would like more information about this year’s Youth Grants Program, click here to email Cassie Fleming.

Working on a Youth Grant?  Check out Learning to Give to find over 1,600 K-12 service-learning lessons aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the standards of all 50 states.

Click the icons below to read press releases about the 2015-16 Youth Grants awarded from each school:

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