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A Historic 2016

A Historic 2016

thanksgiving-superheroesSo many historical things have happened so far in November 2016! The Chicago Cubs actually won the World Series. We have never flown the Cubs’ “W” flag this late in the year before at Rush Ranch! There was an historic U.S. election that you may have heard about, but we won’t get into that here. And the Community Foundation’s fiscal year 2015-16 audit and 990 are now complete and available for your viewing pleasure. The Foundation’s auditors reported to the Finance Committee that this was the smoothest audit ever with the Community Foundation, and they’ve been doing this a long time. After reviewing hundreds of reports and compiling the information, the auditors complimented the whole Foundation Team on cooperation and our knowledge of the industry and obvious love for the community. We believe in giving where you live, and that includes hiring awesome, local residents who love Grant County.

If you are interested in reading the Foundation’s audited financial statements and/or IRS Form 990, just ask me. We are happy to provide any information about the Community Foundation, and we welcome a conversation about how we can connect you with causes that matter to you and your family!

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