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The Tough Conversation and a Pretty Binder

The Tough Conversation and a Pretty Binder

bindersI’m going to have a couple tough conversations in the next few weeks – with my kids and with my parents. No one wants to talk about it: death. The last couple years have taught me quite a bit, and having the tough conversation is one of them. What if? WHAT IF? What if I die? What if you die? I tend to procrastinate doing unpleasant things, but this is one that I must do soon. I will ask my parents details about their final arrangements. I know they have a pre-arrangement account, but where? Where do they want donations in their memory to go? I’ll talk to our kids about what happens if I die – who will take care of their disabled dad? Gifts in my memory will go to the Community Foundation, giving my friends and relatives a tax-deductible “gift” after I die.

Yeah, it’s not all pleasant, BUT there is something we can all do to help ease the process for those we love to the moon and back. Dave Ramsey has a great idea called a “Legacy Drawer.” Designate a spot in your home that holds your insurance policies, will, living will, bank account(s) information, mortgage information, deed to the house/land, tax returns, passwords, instructions for your loved ones, your preferred obituary picture, etc. I’m a binder person, so I’m building a very pretty binder that will be in a secret spot that only my family knows about. I will make copies of everything and keep them away from our home as well, in case of fire. Check out Dave’s article here… you’ll be glad you did.

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