Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted Funds

Listed below are 24 unrestricted funds. Unrestricted funds are the funds in which our Board Members use to make discretionary grants every year. They determine what grants to make based on what the most pressing needs are in the community currently.

Our recent research, done through meetings, SWOT analysis, and community surveys tells us that Grant County has opportunities to improve on the following:

• Decrease Child Poverty
• Recruit Jobs
• Improve Leadership
• Establish Overarching Vision
• Improve University Involvement in the Community
• Establish a Communal Identity

This means that by donating to one of these funds you will allow our board to award grants towards some of the most critical charitable causes in our community.

Several of these funds are named after the family or organization that established the fund. Each fund originated by donors who knew the importance of an unrestricted fund for our community.

Carpenter Fund

Robert B. Pence and Dorothy B. Pence Endowment Fund

Reba A. Crouch Fund

Irving Family Endowment Fund

Merlin J. Loew Endowment Fund

Ned J. Pulley Endowed Fund

swirl cornersOrville E. & Carrie Maxine Stevens Endowed Fund

Earl B. Gottschalk Memorial Fund

Charlotte E. Barton Memorial Fund

Marie P. Brown Memorial Fund

Thais I. Clark Endowed Fund

Community Foundation Memorial Fund

Community Impact Fund

The Marcille L. Grandma Carter Fund

Maidenberg Community Fund

Dennis Banks Family Fund

Judy Fitzgerald Community Fund

MutualBank Foundation Community Impact Fund

Dailey Family Fund

Community Foundation Board of Directors' Fund

Indiana Wesleyan University Community Impact Fund

Ward and Maxyne Arnold Memorial Fund

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