Breast Education Screening BESS

Breast Education Screening BESS

Cancer Services of Grant County recently celebrated its 60th year impacting the community by arming patients with knowledge, available treatments and early detection. Cancer Services is a nonprofit, operating through donations and fundraisers to make cancer awareness available to everyone regardless of income. The organization needed funding for the breast health navigator position, which is the person in charge of managing and operating the BESS program.

The BESS (Breast Education Screening and Survival) Program was designed and implemented as the first and only intervention for breast cancer in Grant County. It is the only free breast cancer screening program in the community. Over the years, the BESS program has provided roughly 9000 mammograms and over 90,000 patients have been educated on breast health and breast cancer.

The President of the Board, Karen Behnke, reached out to the community foundation for help acknowledging the positive impact that the continued contributions of the Foundation have provided over the years.

“We recognize the Community Foundation as a partner in the success of our efforts and appreciate your continued support and interest in our entire community.” – Karen Behnke.

During the February grant cycle, the Community Foundation approved the request giving Cancer Services of Grant County a $10,000 grant through the Community Impact Fund, Irving Family Endowment Fund, and the Jim and Debbi Powell Fund.

This grant will support the salary of the Breast Navigator position, which is a highly important role within Cancer Services. This person helps remove all barriers by facilitating the entire process for the client which includes ordering screenings and diagnostic procedures, ensure payment, follow ups, provide patient navigation and assistance throughout the entire process if they are diagnosed.

The BESS program is a fully comprehensive program from the beginning of the process through to the end, no matter what the results may be. It provides free scanning to both men and women of all ages who need screenings but cannot afford it. Essentially, the program saves lives by offering services patients might otherwise not have access to.

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