31 Answers to your questions about college

31 Answers to your questions about college


Independent Colleges of Indiana is pleased to introduce 31 Answers to Your Questions About College, a new web-portal where students can find relevant information about college, as well as qualify for a $5,000 college scholarship. The 31 Answers portal is aimed at helping students navigate the college preparation and selection process with a special emphasis on the affordability of private colleges in Indiana.

Each weekday, from Monday, September 19, to Monday, October 31, ICI will post a frequently-asked question about college (see list attached) on the portal at www.indianacolleges31.org. Each question will be answered by representatives from ICI’s member institutions via videos created on their campus. Alongside these videos will be English and Spanish transcriptions and additional supplemental web resources. Additionally, the website and all its contents will stay up after the campaign ends for students and their families to refer to.

At the end of the campaign, students who have followed along can enter into a drawing to receive one of two, $5,000-Wilhelm Construction 31 Answers Scholarships, sponsored by F.A. Wilhelm Construction Co., Inc., an ICI Corporate Partner. The scholarship contest will be open to current 8th-12th grade students. Awards can be used at any one of Indiana’s 31 private, nonprofit colleges after the recipients have graduated high school.

If you have any questions, please contact Ann Gilly, ICI Fellow, at agilly@icindiana.org or 317-236-6082.

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