Guest post from 
Office Coordinator, Mari Davis

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions. I’m just not.  But there’s something special about the fresh beginnings of a new year. To me it brings hopefulness, thinking of all of the brand new tomorrows it holds. With that mindset brings the desire of betterment which is where the idea of resolutions may be good. In my experience, however,  once I strayed away and gave into temptation (committing the Cardinal Sin, for example by eating something I swore I wouldn’t eat), I was left with the feeling that all was lost and I might as well hang it all up.

Although for me, resolutions have typically been a daunting list of “no’s” and “don’t’s” there is still just something about the number one that says, “New beginnings start here”.  January first, 1/1, the beginning of the calendar, automatically triggers the restart button within me.  It may not be as big of a deal as a first date, a first kiss, or your first child, but it seems to be a marker. 

How then can we start fresh without beating ourselves up when we fall short of our blissful vision of change?  I started thinking about one of my instructors from massage therapy school. She offers a wealth of information on the sciences of health and nutrition.  I still call her every once in a while, like calling 411 to get the right information on something.  She makes it her life mission to bring people into awareness of healthy living: mind, body, and soul. She promotes the idea which she calls the 80/20 Rule. The idea is to allow into your life and focus on 80% “good for you stuff”, the left over 20% of the equation is an allowance for grace. I like to think of it as a “yes diet”. Why not surround yourself with good and healthy things? With food, why not sit and eat a carton of strawberries instead of a carton of ice cream? It’s the same way with people. Why not surround yourself with people who improve your well-being?  After a while, you’ll notice an improvement in your health, both physically and mentally. You’ll start naturally gravitating toward the “good stuff” more and more. 

Like so many things in life, it’s a choice. What’s your focus? The miracle of grace is that it’s not quantifiable. When you allow for improvements in one area of your life, it sheds light and reveals other areas that need to be dealt with. The great news is by starting to focus on the “Yeses” and good things in life, there’s room for improvement which is hopeful, beautiful, and builds health. So there’s the 411 regarding the fresh start on 1/1 about the 80/20 Rule. Start at the start, one day at a time. Be encouraged!
  • Tari Deason
    Posted at 09:45h, 16 January

    You are very insightful. I am happy to see 2012 go, it was a rough year for me. I have found myself floundering to get my feet set on a positive note for 2013 since issues in my life were not resolved when I tore off the last page of my 2012 calendar. I think my percentages were more like 98/2 and I felt defeated. I know 80% of my life is where it should be. I guess I forgot to focus on the 80% in life and was working too hard to change the 20%. Thank you for this wonderful lesson.