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*Updated on June 9, 2021.

Marion Giant arts have spawned brilliant musical, visual and performing artists over the many years.   The arts are vitally important and add to our students creativity, expression, and excellence that apply to their day-to-day lives.

With 70% of our kids on free and reduced lunch, it will become less and less likely for our kids to have the ability to afford a musical instrument, costumes, or things affiliated with the arts.  Marion Community Schools can be in control of our own destiny to strengthen our Arts Program through endowment.

The Arts Department will submit grant requests to the Marion’s Alumni Association.  The Alumni Association will use their finance committee and board members to help allocate the monies for arts. This would have a check and balance for not only the Alumni Association, but also the Community Foundation of Grant County, in a transparent transaction making the community, our school system, and our alumni proud of this system.  The Alumni Association will report the success to the Alumni and the School Board.  If we don’t need to spend all of the money during a calendar year, it continues to grow in our endowment.

Equipment, instruments, uniforms, supplies, travel, guest artists, and any and all things that enhance our Marion Giant Arts.  The F. Ritchie Walton Auditorium is one of our greatest assets at Marion Community Schools, and this endowment will keep this asset first-class.

Marion has spawned successful Broadway stars, professional dancers, designers, technicians, photographers, writers, graphic designers, visual artists, teachers etc … but the discipline, creativity, and passion the arts has instilled in the thousands of students that have been through our system apply to their everyday lives.  To secure, strengthen, and preserve our Giant Arts Program we ask that you help build this endowment so others now, and well into the future, can benefit from your goodwill.

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