Marion Community Schools has educated some of the brightest minds and most successful people in the world. And although Marion High School just received an A rating and was nationally recognized by US World and News, the City of Marion’s population and wealth has decreased dramatically over the years.  Marion and Grant County currently have the highest child poverty rate in the State of Indiana.  This is exactly why our teachers and great heritage at Marion Community Schools need financial support.  This support will go toward the betterment of our students and schools, but also for our city, since we know that our schools are one of the biggest economic development tools for Marion’s success.  By creating an endowment in educational support, we could arm our teachers with the best equipment and resources to help them, our kids, Marion Community Schools and our city. Teachers, students, and our buildings are our greatest assets and sometimes iPad’s, computers, or other tools that enhance education have to be planned over several years to implement out of the general fund. By the time it is implemented, another more successful and simplistic educational tool is available putting us behind.  A Giant Calling for support with an endowment can help Marion Community Schools be a leader annually in education, not only in our region, but also throughout the country.

The Superintendent and Principal will meet with the Alumni Association who will use their finance committee and board members to help allocate the monies for that year. This would be a check and balance system for not only the Alumni Association but also the Community Foundation of Grant County, in a transparent transaction making the community, our school system and our alumni proud of this system.  The Alumni Association will report the success to the Alumni and the School Board.  If we don’t need to spend all of the money during a calendar year, it continues to grow in our endowment.

Equipment, supplies, programs, teacher appreciation banquets, after-school programs, math club, Brain Game and the various educational clubs that promote and enhance our educational system.

Marion has spawned some of the most successful people throughout the world, and for the first time ever we are asking for help. To secure, strengthen, and preserve our educational system, and by putting us on the cutting edge of educational support, we ask that you help build this endowment so others, now and in the future, can benefit from your goodwill.

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