MARION GIANT SPORTS:   $1 million in 5 years!

With one of the largest high school arenas in the world, and winning 7 State Championships in Basketball, it is no secret that we are known as a GIANT powerhouse in basketball throughout the country!  But Marion Giant Sports have coached individual and team champions in a multitude of sports and have even won State Championships in Baseball, Tennis.  But, more importantly, we’ve turned out thousands of kids who understand the value of teamwork, excellence, endurance, and a great work ethic.

To run all of our Marion Giant sports throughout the year is approximately $100,000.  Many don’t know this, but the sports program is not funded through the General Fund.  Our Athletic Department starts out the year with no money and has to depend on the success of football, soccer, and basketball to fund all sports.  That is a terrible business model for a shrinking city that has over 70% of our kids on free and reduced lunch. An endowment of $2M will secure long-term success and give us $90,000 a year annually in perpetuity!

When we achieve our financial goal, in July the Athletic Department will submit a grant request to Marion’s Alumni Association.  The Alumni Association will use their finance committee and board members to help allocate the monies for athletics.  The monies would need to be spent for the purpose of the grant.  This would have a check and balance for not only the Alumni Association, but also the Community Foundation of Grant County, in a transparent transaction making the community, our school system, and our alumni proud of this system.  The Alumni Association will report the success of this to the Alumni and the School Board.  If we don’t need to spend all of the money, it continues to grow in our endowment.

Sports equipment, uniforms, transportation, capital improvements for athletics, and all things related to enhancing Marion GIANT Sports.

The NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA, PBA, the Olympics, and countless universities have benefited from our Marion Giants Athletes, but Sports are not just for those few who pursue it professionally.   The thousands and thousands of Marion Giants who played sports learned about excellence, teamwork, stamina, and work ethic that are applied to their everyday lives. To secure, strengthen and preserve our Giant Sports Program we ask that you help build up this endowment.


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