A Blue Miracle

A Blue Miracle

Dictionary.com defines a miracle as an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.  I suppose they happen all around us.  After all, we read about them on the internet, hear about them from friends and strangers, and every now and then, witness them with our own eyes.  Sometimes they don’t seem miraculous to anyone else.  But then, there are those inexplicable occurrences that one can only shake his head at and retell to everyone he knows.  This story is one of those.


For Jacob and his dad, going out to his uncle’s house on a Saturday evening to fish was a pretty typical event.  They had done it for years, all of Jacob’s life, and almost every time they went, they took Blue, Jacob’s Kentucky born, golden coated, medium sized “mutt”.  Blue was a family dog who was most comfortable lounging on the couch, protecting the household from strangers and guests alike, and playing with his family on the living room floor.  But like all dogs, Blue loved exploring the outdoors.  Going fishing with Jacob presented many opportunities to smell new things, meet new animals, and explore the woods on the property.

The evening was winding down, closing in on midnight, and the happy group was sitting in lawn chairs and enjoying the stillness.  In the distance, they could hear coyotes, a common pest, and small disturbance occurring down the road.  It was at this time that Blue ventured off on his own, exploring the noises, and carelessly wandered into the neighbor’s yard.  No one thought much of it until minutes later a single gunshot had everyone on their feet.

Everyone began calling for Blue, hoping their worst fears weren’t true.  It wasn’t long before they saw Blue slowly limping their way. It was too late.  Blue had been shot.  The bullet had entered near his right thigh, and had exited out of his neck on the left side.  It was amazing that he was able to walk back to Jacob under the circumstances.  Though in devastated shock, everyone knew what had to be done. 

In that moment, I wonder if it was harder to be Jacob or Jacob’s dad.  How does a parent look their child in the eye and then go and do the hard thing?  The dog had to be put down, no way around it.  All Jacob could do was pray.  And so he did.  He loved his dog, and so he cried and prayed in the face of a hopeless situation.  He prayed for a miracle.  And he got one.

When Jacob went to say his last goodbye, Blue jumped up and followed him and put his paw on his leg.  It was completely impossible, and yet happening.  Everyone just looked at one another and the decision was made to take Blue home and see what happened next.  When they called him, he jumped up in the back of the truck, as always.  By the time they got him home, he was droopy, but starting to act more like himself.  Not only did he survive the long night, he was eating and drinking without any trouble. 

Bullet wound in Blue’s neck
And the very next day when I went to visit, he met me at the door with a wagging tail.  I just had to see it for myself.  And sure enough, there was the bullet hole in his neck.  But he was alive.  A little worse for wear, but happy and curious and good ol’ Blue.  What an inspiring way to start the week!

I hope this story inspires you today.  Sometimes the impossible does happen.  Don’t give up hope… there might be a miracle just around the corner.

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