Acorn Funds

Acorn Funds

Donors, like you, entrust the Community Foundation of Grant County to be your CHARITABLE CAMPSITE, to focus on the most pressing local needs and to continuously ensure your charitable goals are met. Thank you!

When you make a gift to the Community Foundation, you are part of a community that believes Grant County can become even stronger in 2021 than we were in 2019. Who cares about 2020, right?

When you work for a non-profit charity, you quickly learn two things: (a) not all wealthy people are generous, and (b) not all generous people are wealthy. Once you realize this, your main job consists of two things: (1) making a strong case for people to give, and (2) making giving easy for everyone.

And, in 2020, there are two things that became abundantly clear for your CoFo Team: 1) WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and 2) even in these unprecedented times, there are still many donors that have charitable goals they’d like to meet.

Introducing, the creation of our ACORN FUNDS, allowing you to choose the cause you want to support while also giving you the time you need to reach minimum fund balance, and create your very own FAMILY-NAMED FUND!

Here’s How It Works:
1. A pledge is made to plant an Acorn Fund with an initial gift of $100. You will have 5 years to reach minimum fund balance of $5,000. Once that goal is met, the Acorn Fund will be considered a mature permanent endowment that will impact a charitable cause in our community, forever. At this time, you will also name your fund and choose which charitable cause or organization you would like your fund to impact in Grant County.

2. All accumulated investment income will be added to the fund.—And to further its growth we’ll waive any administrative fees until your fund reaches $5,000. To grow the fund even faster, involve your family and friends to make additional contributions in lieu of traditional gifts to celebrate a holiday, your birthday, or an anniversary.

3. You also have the option of giving tax-deductible contributions of any amount, at any time. Contributions may be made using many types of assets, including a monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT) from a savings or checking account, gifts of stock, charitable IRA rollovers, etc…

4. All it takes is $1,000 a year, $83.00 a month, or $20.00 a week! This is totally do-able. But, if for some reason the fund does not reach $5,000 after 5 years, your donations will still be tax-deductible and still benefit Grant County. The fund’s balance will simply be added to the Give To Grant Collaborative. This fund allows our Board of Directors to award grants to the current most pressing needs and opportunities in our community.

5. Just as a tiny acorn grows into a mighty oak, your Acorn Fund will grow in its impact on the community based on the criteria you establish, year after year…forever.

One Last thing…your ACORN FUND will help to make a lasting impact for the future of Grant County, and continue to improve the quality of life for all Grant County residents. So, if establishing a FAMILY-NAMED FUND is something you’ve considered, give us a call at 765-662-0065 and allow us to continue assisting you in meeting your charitable goals.

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