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Fund Purpose:
To support efforts of AgrIInstitute, Inc.

Fund Story:
The AgrIInstitute, Inc. Endowment fund supports the Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program (ALP). This program is administered by AgrIInstitute, a 501(c) (3) organization that depends 100% on donations from the agriculture community of Indiana. The ALP is a two-year leadership development program for adults from throughout Indiana who are engaged in an agricultural-related career. The program goal is to improve the leadership skills, expand the knowledge, and refine the expertise of the participants to better prepare them for decision-making roles at all levels of the agricultural industry and civil service.

Dan Arnholt, past treasurer of AgrIInstitute, was born and raised on a farm, educated in agriculture, and worked in the utility business for 42 years. Arnholt completed ALP and recognized the value that it gave him. He was exposed to things he later used in the workplace. Arnholt believes the leadership program and is committed to ensuring the program’s long-term financial sustainability. Arnholt initiated the work to create AgrIInstitute funds in community foundations around Indiana. “It is nice to have local community foundations that are willing to work with us and support us,” Arnholt said. “Through this fund, the community foundation can touch agriculture in Grant County in a new way.”

Grant County is home to four graduates of ALP. Jay Berry, Phil Leisure, Doug Morrow, and Chuck Sponhauer have all completed the program and in turn used their leadership to benefit Grant County.

Each graduate of ALP has an important story to tell of the program’s impact on their leadership service. Chuck Sponhauer shares his story. “Agriculture is so vital to the economic success of Grant County. The annual employment added by farmers includes the following businesses: petroleum, fertilizer, ethanol, insurance, finance, farm equipment, repair shops, tires, truckers, ditchers, lime distribution, government offices, and many more. Our local fund helps young leaders to attend a two -year leadership course that allows them to return to Grant County and get involved in school boards, local county offices and serve in both farm and non-farm positions of leadership. I attended the Ag Leadership course years ago and I know of others from Grant County who have graduated from this successful program. The program includes an overseas experience which was the highlight of my time. We were able to spend two weeks in Brazil. Please join me in supporting Grant County agriculture by investing in the AgrIInstitute Fund.”

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