Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Here at the Community Foundation, we’ve been connecting people who care with causes that matter since 1984. That’s why we’re always sharing good news! We do that by telling stories about generous donors and bragging about the multiple successes of local charities and scholarship recipients right here in good ‘ole Grant County, Indiana. If you’d like to learn more, read through a few of our most recent annual reports.

Current Annual Report: 

2022-23 Celebrating 40 Years Annual Report


Past Annual Reports:

2021-22 Bloom Where You’re Planted Annual Report
2020-21 Space, the Philanthropic Frontier Annual Report
2019-20 Punctuation Annual Report
2018-19 Camp Philanthropy Annual Report
2017-18 The Happiness Laboratory Annual Report
2016-17 Love Where You Live Annual Report
2015-16 Cookbook Annual Report
2014-15 Superhero Annual Report
2013-14 Celebrating 30 Years Annual Report
2012-13 Tattoos, Dog Biscuits & Lemonade Annual Report
2011-12 Many Thanks Annual Report
2010-11 Transformation Annual Report 









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