Barnes-Elrod Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Total Donations*

*Updated on December 17, 2020.

Fund Purpose:

The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships for students attending Indiana Wesleyan University, as determined by IWU with preference given to Christian Ministry majors.

Fund Impact:

Scholarships Grants
Aaron Cloud Eric Key Norman Busick Indiana Wesleyan University
Aaron Munsell Eric Roemer Rachel Visser
Aaron Nicolas Erica Daniel Ray Villagomez
Aaron Tuinenga Erin Wilkinson Rebecca Locke
Abigail Purkey Felicia Styers Rebecca Palmer
Alex Lynch Gabriel Melian Rebecca Ray
Amber Shipley Garrett Howel Ryley Olson
Andrea Fetterhoff Heath Jones Serena Dunbar
Andrew Kinney Jacqueline Vick Shaphan Bogear
Andrew Vegueria Jason Sanders Stephen Cady
Anjuli Sneller Joel Higginbotham Todd Lynch
Audrey Corliss Justine Ellet Zachary Aument
Beth Begley Kalina Smith Zachary McConnell
Bianca Tavera Kara Vincent
Brian Morton Kenneth Russell
Bryan Donaugh Kenneth Wiggins
Cady Stephens Laura Ashlock
Chad Bailey Lauren Rice
Christina Tripp Leah Hillman
Christine Kaye Leah Lechner
Danielle Kenealy Leanne Splittgerber
Deborah Evans Marissa Knoll
Eldred John Wood Matthew Heer
Eldred Wood Matthew Sharrard
Emily Fairchild Mia Harrington

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Fund Page Details:
Donating to this fund will increase the impact of its charitable fund purpose and grantmaking abilities. Clicking “Give Online” will allow you to make a charitable gift to this fund held at the Community Foundation of Grant County. Or mail your check to our office instead by using this donation form. Additionally, gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, insurance, and estate plans are also accepted.

*The amount listed above may not be up-to-date. Call the Community Foundation for the most up-to-date fund balances.



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