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Fund Purpose:
Scholarship for a graduating senior from Marion High School who is a 3-sport athlete with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Special consideration will be given to any student who meets the aforementioned criteria and plans to attend a military service academy.

Fund Story:
Capt. Brandon A. Barrett  ~  January 21, 1983 – May 5, 2010

Capt. Brandon A. Barrett was born in Albuquerque, NM but eventually moved to Marion which he always considered his hometown. Brandon attended McCullough Middle School, Marion High School, and the Newport Naval Academy Prep School and went on to graduate from the United States Naval Academy in 2006. Brandon’s passion about the mission of the U.S. Marine Corp and desire to be a leader on the front line led him to become a Marine Infantry Officer. He was killed in action on May 5, 2010, while serving in the Marine Corp in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Brandon strongly valued his family, friends, the City of Marion and Marion High School. He also had interests in hunting, music, football, and wrestling.  Brandon always enjoyed his mom’s spaghetti and his grandma’s famous New Mexican cuisine, or “New-New cuisine” as he called it.

Brandon was best known for his character. He lived his life in a way as to put others first and had a contagious laugh and smile. Brandon’s closest friends and family members remember him as a true leader who exemplified bravery, honesty, trustworthiness, ambition, an adventurous spirit, compassion, confidence, humility, helpfulness, hard-work, and humor.

“Brandon often sent letters from Afghanistan,” said Kristin Marcuccilli, a long-time friend and classmate of Brandon.  “No matter how difficult the situation he faced, his focus was always on the positive.  He still had a joke to tell.  He still had a funny story to share.  It was always about his men, their safety, and home.”

“Brandon was determined. He was never given anything,” said Jim Wallace, a close friend and teammate. “He worked hard to get where he was and everyone knew that.” This fund was created to honor Brandon, his love for Marion High School and to support to those graduates who share his character and drive for success.

Brandon’s memory will live on, forever.  Not a day goes by that his family and friends don’t recall a memory, a smile, a joke or a laugh from him.  Each year on the anniversary of his death, friends and family get together to share stories of Brandon and to raise funds for the scholarship. “We share stories that have been told many times before, but they are always as funny as the first time we heard or experienced them,” said Wallace. “Certain people make an impact on your life that will last forever – Brandon was that man, for everyone.”

Fund Impact:
Cedrik Bell
Joshua Burritt
Michael C. Culley
Samantha Diedrich
Hunter Durbin
Abigail Eltzroth
Emily Erickson
Rachel Jumper
Samuel Vermillion

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