Big Thanks Small Biz

A Grant County Encouragement Campaign

Big Thanks Small Biz

COVID-19 STINKS. That’s something we can all agree on. It’s impacting our health. It’s impacting our economy. It’s even impacting our morale.

We know ‘WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER’, but you might be feeling a bit helpless from your quarantined couch. You really wish you could do something to help, but what?

Wow, do we have Grant County-caring, COVID-crushing idea for you: GIFT CARDS OF THANKS!

Our healthcare workers, first responders, and essential employees are working long, hard hours trying to keep us healthy, safe, and solvent. At the same time, our local small businesses are suffering, too. Sales are down and jobs are at risk. So, gift cards are perfect! With a gift card purchase, you can help the front line and the back office.

A partnership of the Marion-Grant County, Gas City Area, and Upland Chambers of Commerce along with the United Way of Grant County and the Community Foundation of Grant County, has collaborated to make this easy for anyone to participate. First, any donation amount is acceptable, since we’ll be pooling all donations together to purchase the gift cards from multiple local small businesses to help bolster their bottom lines. Then, we’ll be delivering these gift cards to our front line heroes to encourage them in these tougher than normal times. That’s what you call Win/Win! AND, we’ll thank these amazing people on your behalf, with a card that says, “GIVEN WITH ABUNDANT GRATITUDE FROM THE CARING CITIZENS OF GRANT COUNTY! #INTHISTOGETHER #BIGTHANKSSMALLBIZ

Won’t you help us with this massive encouragement campaign? Every donation counts!


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