Robert R. Board and Janis M. Board Fund

Total Granted as of August 1, 2019

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Fund Purpose:
The purpose of this fund is to provide scholarships for educational purposes.

Fund Story:
In February of 1996, the Community Foundation received its largest donation up until that point: One million dollars.

A few months before he passed away at the age of 98, Robert Board made this charitable contribution to open up the Robert R. Board and Janis M. Board Fund.

“It is my hope and belief that this fund will enhance the Grant County Community by assisting students who have experienced outstanding academic achievement but who have limited financial means available to further their education,” said Board.

He earned his livelihood in the Grant County area and wanted to be able to give back. Board’s gift of one million dollars was matched by a $500,000 gift from the Lilly Endowment.

Robert Board was born in Chrisman, Illinois, and at the age of 12, moved in with his cousin Jack Foster because of familial problems. Robert served in the army from 1916 to 1919 with the 130th Infantry American Expeditionary Forces near the Mexican Border and also in France during World War I. He attended the University of Illinois, and in 1934, he moved to Marion to help his cousin Foster run his glass factory. Board became president of Foster-Forbes Glass Co. (Ball-Foster) in 1965 and served there until he retired in 1980.

Robert’s first wife Madge died in 1966 at the Mayo Clinic, and in the late 1960’s, he married Janis Caldwell who had two sons, Jack and Dick.

Robert was an active member of the Marion community. He was a member of Frist Presbyterian Church and was president of the Glass Container Institute Research Corp. He served as the board president of National Can Corp., NBD Bank, Marion General Hospital, Community Chest of Grant County, Marion Chamber of Commerce and the Glass Container Manufacturers Institute.

“He had one of the brightest minds I have ever been around,” said Larry Myers, former foundation board president. “That’s why he was successful in business. He was dedicated and had a huge heart.”

Robert had a strong sense of family and cared for the community. He is remembered as a wonderful, compassionate man who understood the importance of higher education for youth and was proactive in making that belief realized.

Fund Impact:

Christian Allen Samantha Derby Kyle Kohlmorgen Ondra L. Shafer
Alexandra Armstrong Samantha Derby Mary (Molly) Kuczora Stacy R. Shanks
Brandon Arven Samantha Derby Ashlynn Lewis Katelyn Shouse
Addessa L. Baity Devon Dill Olivia C. Lewton Samantha Simison
Bradley Belcher Logan Dooley Jamie N Lindsay Isaac Slaughter
Bradley Belcher Bethany Duckwall Jamie N Owsley-Lindsay Ryan Smith
Garrett Bireline Daniel E. Durkes Dooley Logan Rene Spaulding
Stephen L. Briles Jarred L. Eib Kayla M. Mack Nicholas Spitzer
Sarah M. Brown Kaleb Evans Matthew McAdams Brandon Stone
Sabrina Butcher Melissa K. Ewer Mae McCarthy Jared Strand
Samuel Cerny Eliza Fry Brad R. McCracken Ashlyn Titus
Samuel Cerny Evan George Kristen McDaniel Jacob W. Vogel
Nivan Chowattukenel Erin Harris-Gordon Thomas J. Milford April D. Walker
Nivan Chowattukunnel Jonathon C. Greene Geralyn Miller Lyndsey Westfall
Nithia M. Chowattukunnel Silas Guyre Geralyn Miller David Wiley
Nithia Chowattukunnel Laci Haisley Hazel Moore Alexander Winter
Hannah D. Clevenger Hilary Harris Michelle A. Moore Alexander Winter
Thomas J. Collins Derek Harvey David Mui Tara N. Yanis
Jamie Cox Cassie Hawkins Madeline Nall
Collen Cramer  Ben Hineman Sheena M. Apple-Nester
Amanda S. Craun Tiffanie Hix-Hodson Korbett O’Banion
Alexandria Crouse Wesley Hull Amy L. Osborne
Victoria Crouse Mishele D. Hunt Daniel Jennifer P.
Victoria Crouse Cherie E. Huston Matthew R Parlee
Victoria Crouse Kiers Joel Lynne L. Payne
Victoria Crouse Joel P. Kiers Charles Peacock
Iurie Cuciuc Faith Kitts Lena Pederson
Jennifer P. Daniel Matthew Knight Chelsea Rahrar
Corey Deaton Hannah Kochanek Haleigh Rowley
Anna Deisler Hannah Kochanek Kelsay Scott


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