Bridges to Health receives grant for electronic system

Bridges to Health receives grant for electronic system

Posted: Sunday, August 18, 2013

Caring for Hearts -n- Hands Greener

Caring for Hearts -n- Hands Greener

Bridges to Health received a $9,650 grant from the Irving Family Endowment Fund through the Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana, Inc., which will go to purchase an electronic medical records system.

Kelley Hochstetler, chair of the board of directors at Bridges to Health, praised the new opportunity as a way to help improve quality and continuity of care for Bridges patients, and is grateful for the community foundation’s grant program.

“We’ve been wanting to implement an electronic medical records system for quite some time, but finding the right system for a free clinic has been a challenge,” said clinic administrator Kristi Hawkins. We finally found a system that would be a good fit, and we’re excited about the possibilities that come with an EMR such as improved patient care, reduction in errors, reduced operational costs for the clinic, and eventually the ability increase the number of patients served because of enhanced patient workflow and increased productivity.”

In reaction to the news, Charlotte Peel, nurse clinic manager stated, “Right now, for our providers to find past treatment plans, labs and records it is tedious as we have to sort through countless papers in the patient’s chart. An EMR will provide easier access to this important information which will improve our quality and continuity of care. An EMR will also help us see what areas we need to improve upon when it comes to teaching and prevention for our patients.”

Bridges to Health provides educational services, primary care and medications to uninsured Grant County residents. It is Grant County’s only free health and dental clinic, located in the Kem View Medical Center Building.

Bridges to Health is a non-profit community clinic that is volunteer-driven, supported by the community and for the community. For more information, visit or call 662-7289.

The Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana, Inc. is an advocate for local philanthropy dedicated to enhancing an improved quality of life in Grant County. An effective steward of the community’s charitable resources since 1984, the foundation works with donors to establish charitable funds and supports non-profit organizations through a variety of grant-making efforts. Currently, the foundation holds nearly 300 different funds that benefit worthy charities or charitable causes in Grant County. For more information, please visit or call 662-0065.

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