Carey Services Expressions

Fall Art Exhibit Event and Auction

Carey Services Expressions

Carey Services is working hard to identify more and more community integration opportunities for individuals we serve, and we continue to find ways to connect the community’s passion to our causes by offering different events and sponsorship opportunities. Last year, we had our inaugural Expressions art event where artwork from those we serve were showcased and sold at the Roseburg Event Center. The community participation and support exceeded expectations. Frankly, it was a lot of fun! We will have another Expressions event this year, the evening of October 21. We hope to see you there.

I would love if you could help us get the word out, and to consider arranging for sponsorship for this fall’s Expressions event to help support the ongoing programming needs (art supplies, canvas, instruction, space).  The attached document represents sponsorship opportunities for the 2017 Expressions event. We wanted to get this notice out now so sponsors can do some early planning.

We have been so thankful for sponsors over the years, and we need your sponsorship for this event. Sponsorships and support for events help Carey services support:

  1. individuals to receive essential skills training in a day setting to increase independence
  2. individuals to have meaningful work in an industry work setting
  3. individuals to have expression and discovery opportunities through the art/creation “Making Space”
  4. individuals to achieve community-based employment while working to overcome a disability
  5. individuals to have a clean, safe, and affordable place to live
  6. individuals to receive care in their own homes to be independent
  7. individuals to have transportation to meet their needs
  8. families to receive comfort, knowing their loved ones are secure and working towards independence and self-sufficiency

The form below includes recognition opportunities, depending on what sponsorship level/s you choose.  Please e-mail me with what sponsorship level makes sense for you.  With your reply, I will make sure we send you more information (we can invoice for sponsorship) and arrange for recognition of your sponsorship and business for the Expressions event.

2017 Expressions Sponsorship Form

Carey Services is making a difference and changing people’s lives in a positive way. I strongly believe that your commitment to sponsorship will help us do more of that in the future.

Unfortunately, there is a gap in payment for some of our services. There are many consumer services and needs which are not covered by funding sources received by Carey Services. Many of our low-income consumers and families struggle to meet their needs. We are their only support system. We are their lifeline. Please help be a lifeline to those we serve.  Please commit to sponsoring our 2017 Expression event.

Thank you for your consideration.
Jim Allbaugh
Carey Services, Inc.
765-668-8961 (102) 



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