Celebrating 38 Years with a Birthday Match

Celebrating 38 Years with a Birthday Match

The Community Foundation of Grant County is celebrating Thirty-Eight Years with a $1 for $1 Birthday Match.

“We work with people that exemplify both passion and compassion,” said Dawn Brown, CEO & President. “We’ve met some of the most selfless people in all of Grant County. People who want to see healing take place, relationships grow, and a community thrive.”

The Foundation is matching all donations that are given to a Give To Grant Unrestricted Fund from now through September 30, 2022. The goal is to raise $138,000. These funds are used to serve the citizens of Grant County by expanding their reach and ability to deliver vital services.

“Clearly, the needs we are addressing in 2022 are far different than those we began addressing in 1984 when we were a brand-new organization,” said Dawn Brown. “And thirty-eight years from now, in the year 2060, the most pressing issues will reflect the needs of that generation. The people that choose to open a named Give To Grant Unrestricted Fund tell us that they love the community so much that they want to be a part of the systemic solutions of the time—no matter what time that may be.”

Donors can start a new, named Give To Grant Unrestricted Fund with a $2,500 donation. The Foundation will match that generosity dollar for dollar. Or donors can give directly to the Give To Grant Fund and know that those donations will also receive an automatic 100% return on investment. These gifts will extend the grantmaking impact to more local nonprofit partners who serve as the hands and feet of social service in Grant County.

“This year we’re celebrating you,” said Brown. “The very people who got us to this special day. The people who give abundantly from your discretionary dollars to benefit someone you don’t know, or who you may never meet, simply to improve the quality of life of a person, a family, or a community. Thank you.”

Donors can send their donation to the Community Foundation at 505 West Third Street, Marion, IN 46952 or online at GiveToGrant.org/Collab. Donations will be matched $1 for $1 between now and September 30, 2022 to all endowed Give To Grant Collaborative Funds.

For more information about donating, opening a charitable fund, or to wish the Community Foundation a happy birthday, call 765-662-0065 or email SayHello@GiveToGrant.org.

About the Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana, Inc:

The Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana, Inc. is an advocate for local philanthropy and is dedicated to improving the lives of people in the Grant County area. An effective steward of the community’s charitable resources since 1984, the Foundation works with donors to establish charitable funds and supports nonprofit organizations through a variety of grantmaking efforts. The Community Foundation connects people, resources, and causes to promote sustainable impact for the betterment of Grant County. Currently the Community Foundation holds over 400 charitable funds that support a variety of charities and charitable causes in Grant County. For more information, please visit www.GiveToGrant.org or call 765-662-0065.

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