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*Updated on December 17, 2020.

Fund Purpose:
To support the programs and projects of the City of Marion Arts Commission.

Fund Story:
The City of Marion Arts Commission Endowed Fund was established in June of 2020 to support the Commission and their mission to cham­pi­on the arts. The Com­mis­sion is ded­i­cat­ed to the ongo­ing goal of con­nect­ing the com­mu­ni­ty to the arts and build­ing a vital and ever-expand­ing cre­ative com­mu­ni­ty for the City of Mar­i­on’s artists, res­i­dents, and visitors. The Board envisions the City of Marion Arts Commission as a catalyst for change in enhancing quality of lives within the communities we serve where arts and culture flourish and artisans are empowered to the fullest.

The Commission channels the creative energy of the city, manifesting it in a range of artwork and artists’ projects that will contribute to shaping the city’s visual identity, improve the quality of life for all residents and create opportunities for engagement, connectivity and community building.

Their goals include:

– Leadership in advancing support for the arts and culture in our communities
1. Collaborate with the city departments /council and local government leaders in policy making and in formulating strategic future directions, cultural planning, city planning, community development, and creating a new master plan for the city of Marion anchored in Public Art.
2. Understanding and responding to the community’s needs, developing long-term strategies, defining goals and objectives & building a strong support network.
3. Leveraging existing assets
4. Strengthen the leadership role of local arts agencies (Fusion Arts Alliance) and provide opportunities for professional development of local artists
5. Gain support from business leaders from the community by demonstrating ways in which the arts can help them achieve their business goals.

– Advocacy in communicating the value that arts bring to the City of Marion
1. Build and strengthen public awareness on the impact of the arts and the creative sector on the quality of life and our community’s well-being
2. Create a unified voice for encouragement of arts support at local and state level at the same time assists the City of Marion and Grant County in its rebranding and marketing efforts.
3. Foster engagement, diversity, equity, inclusion and artistic growth in the City of Marion and Grant County with engaging arts events and business activities.
4. Develop stronger connections within the economic development spectrum to boost the arts and creativity sector’s capacity to grow and work hand in hand with different businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions about the importance of supporting the arts as solutions to many societal challenges.
5. Coordinate programs for partnership that educate citizens about the arts, increases access to the arts, and provide forums that address art-related issues in our community.

– Provision of resources for the arts and artists in the city’s creative ecosystem.
1. Facilitate and provide resources for arts, artists and art agencies.
2. Relentlessly seek funding opportunities both from internal and external sources.
3. Advance arts and culture in our communities by promoting, ensuring and increasing local public and private funding for the arts
4. Identify innovative arts programs and non-traditional funding sources to provide opportunities for local artists and art agencies/organizations.
5. Ensure that all available resources are directed toward organizational efficiency

– Commitment in charting a future for Public Art in the City of Marion
1. Effective integration of placemaking and public art in city planning by influencing the creation of a new master plan for the city of Marion.
2. Initiate the development of an “Arts and Cultural District” as a strategy to revitalize the City of Marion & Grant County.
3. Development of “The RIVER” (widen the RIVERWALK) as a center for art events, and business opportunities with provision for PUBLIC ART in strategic places
4. Utilize “smart growth economic development” strategies that is anchored in the arts by building upon existing assets and creating long-term value to attract future investments in our communities.
5. Build quality public spaces that contribute to people’s health, happiness and well being, capitalizing on our local community’s assets, inspiration and potential through an effective placemaking process.

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