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*Updated on October 15, 2021.

Fund Purpose:
The purpose of this fund is to provide support to DART.

Fund Story:
The Grant County Drug and Alcohol Resource Team (DART) was created in 1987 with the belief that preventing and reducing drug and alcohol abuse in Grant County leads to overall improvement in the community’s quality of life.

“DART’s mission is to identify community drug and alcohol problems, coordinate community initiatives, design comprehensive collaborative community strategies, monitor program implementation and evaluate the impact of DART’s activities in Grant County,” said Jacquie Dodyk, DART Coordinator.

DART is a membership organization and as one of 92 local coordinating councils in Indiana, receives funding through the local Drug-Free Communities fund held at the Grant County auditor’s office. A portion of the fines collected by the courts for operating while intoxicated in Grant County is deposited in the Drug-Free Communities fund. Each year, funds are used to provide small grants to eight to ten programs.

“DART, in turn, is charged with granting these funds to assist local prevention, treatment and justice programs related to DART’s mission,” said Dodyk.

The Grant County Drug and Alcohol Resource Team Endowment Fund was created as a way to help sustain DART program support. The fund was made possible when an unknown donor passed away and endowed a gift of $25,000 to be used for alcohol and drug abuse prevention.

“Since the funding from fines has dropped significantly over the years, this gift has been a lifesaver for maintaining critical programs,” said Dodyk. “The whole county has benefited from it.”

Fund Impact:
Grant-Blackford Mental Health
Grant County Drug and Alcohol Resource Team (DART)
Grant County Tobacco Coalition
Marion Police Department
Mississinewa High School Students
StillWater Ministries

Fund Page Details:
Donating to this fund will increase the impact of its charitable fund purpose and grantmaking abilities. Clicking “Give Online” will allow you to make a charitable gift to this fund held at the Community Foundation of Grant County. Or mail your check to our office instead by using this donation form. Additionally, gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, insurance, and estate plans are also accepted.

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