Engagement Filter from Dawn Brown

Engagement Filter from Dawn Brown

I was at a CEO Retreat recently for CoFo leaders. They do this every year because of the stress that comes with the job of being a CoFo CEO. Being around others who do the same job is a good reminder that we’re not alone!

There was a time at the end of the Retreat where they did High Fives—where anyone could share a great idea with the group for 5-minutes.

What surprised me about that section of the day was how varied the ideas were. You see, when you’ve met one community foundation, you’ve met one community foundation. They’re all so different even though the missions are the same.

I wondered about this on the drive home. How is it that we can all be in our communities leading, grantmaking, and fundraising yet still be so remarkably different?

And I think the answer all lies in where we choose to say YES. There are so many good ideas! If we say YES to every good idea—even if the idea aligns with our mission—we’d be exhausted and burn out quickly.

It was a good reminder that we must do LESS but do it WELL. Yet, it’s hard to say NO; especially if the idea is a good one! I get it.

But resources are scarce. Just like you eventually run out of money to do all the things, you eventually run out of time to do all the things. And you certainly run out of energy to do all the things.

That’s why, several years ago, I made this Engagement Filter. Since it’s so often hard to say NO, or hard to know when to say NO, the Engagement Filter can help you.

Download your copy here!  I encourage you to print some out for yourself and use them to help you make quality decisions.

There are a million ideas that help to improve the quality of life in Grant County, but we can’t do them all. In fact, we shouldn’t even try. We’ll be more effective if we only say YES to those things that make the best use of the resources you have.

Spreading ourselves too thin doesn’t help anyone—not you, not your spouse, not your family, not your team, and certainly not your community.

So, go out there and make good choices!

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