Flip the Script

Flip the Script

-by Dawn Brown

Our community has failed our children.
Under no circumstances will people say,
We care for the next generation.
That’s an untruth, the reality is
Our community has been an utter disappointment.
In believing that
We actually succeeded
Is destructive. It’s true that
Looking out for #1
Is what’s best.
Working together, for the greater good, with hopefulness
Is a ridiculous notion.
Disregarding our children
Will be a difficult task, but we should do it anyway.
Making Grant County a better place
Isn’t something we’ll be remembered for.
Abandoning hope
Is how we approach adversity.
Isn’t going to happen.
We all know that
Most think we are destined for failure.
It’s probably true,
Unless we decide to flip the script.

(Now read this poem from the bottom up.)









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