Four Simple Facts

Four Simple Facts

did you knowFact #1: The Community Foundation of Grant County is a non-profit organization. A true 501(c)3. That means all of your donations to us are tax-deductible. Isn’t it cool how being a cheerful giver can save you money at tax time through charitable deductions or by donating those pesky 401(k) Required Minimum Distributions?

Fact #2: You can write one check to the Community Foundation and designate what fund (or funds) you want your money to go into. We have approximately 400 funds representing nearly every charitable organization in Grant County. That’s a lot of funds. Which means you have a lot of choices. Choices are good. Decisions are hard, but choices are good.

Fact #3: You can set up a fund of your own to support charities that you love, right here in your own community. The Community Foundation sets up funds like this all the time. Want to teach your kids about philanthropy? Set up a fund. Want to donate money to help kids go to college? Set up a fund. Want to help restore the economic vitality of Grant County? Set up a fund. It’s that easy. Just call us at 765-662-0065. We’d love to help you.

Fact #4: It’s true; the Foundation has given nearly 15 million dollars back into the Grant County community since we started in 1984. That’s a lot of cash. And, it’s all because of generous donors like you, talented investment advisors like Capital Cities (our investment consultant), and a stellar Foundation board and team. Give it, grow it, grant it. Yeah, in a nutshell, that’s how it works.

Is there more to know? Of course! Lots more. So, give us a call at 765-662-0065. Or, email us. We’re here to help you help Grant County.

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