Fractures, Football, and Filanthropy

Fractures, Football, and Filanthropy

My babies went back to school today…if you can call a 13 and 15 year old babies.  It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to summer and hello to homework.  Goodbye to flip-flops; hello to tennis shoes.  Goodbye to late nights; hello to alarm clocks. But, as my new teenager, Dalton, walked into school today I couldn’t help but feel blessed.

Just six years ago, while in 2nd grade, Dalton was injured at an after-school program at school.  By the time we got him to the emergency room, his face was covered in bruises and the swelling had set in.  The symptoms of a concussion were apparent and a quick X-ray led to a conclusion we weren’t expecting…a skull fracture.  

Similar to the crooked scar on Harry Potter’s forehead, the fracture began at the top of his hairline, went down to the bridge of his nose, across his left eyebrow, and then down the left side of his eye.  

In addition to that, he lost about a year of short-term memory, had to sit out of sports for an entire year (that’s technically defined as torture to a young boy), and was told he couldn’t play football again…ever.

So, there’s no football for my sporty son.  That’s a crushing reality at this time each year as most of his friends pick up their cleats and helmets and head off to practice.  But, we make the best of it.  He still plays catch with his dad out in the back yard and, of course, we watch football…a lot of it.

My guess is that you do too.  I mean really, is there anything better than autumn in Indiana?  A chill in the air, wearing the jersey of your favorite team, and watching two teams pummel each other just to put a few points up on the board. Now, the Olympics are great, but football…now, that’s American!

And, the team at the Community Foundation is hoping that you’ll be willing to take that love of football to a new level this year. 

This year, we’re kicking off our Annual Fund Campaign with the NFL kick-off on September 5th.  And, we’re asking our Foundation fans and sports fans to help us out with the first ever Philanthropy Phootball.  Or is it Filanthropy Football?  Either way, you can be a part of it by simply picking your favorite NFL team and agreeing to donate $1.00 to the Foundation for each point that your team scores in regular and post-season. That’s it!  We’ll update you on a weekly basis as to how each team is doing and we’ll even send you a monthly invoice if that makes it easier.

We know, we know…sometimes fundraisers are boring.  But, football isn’t.  So, this mixes a little fun with a little charitable giving and ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, a Football-anthropist is born.  All you have to do is (a) sign up by August 31 and (b) watch football.  

It’s taken the past 6 years for Dalton to catch back up to where he was before his accident.  Now I’m happy to say he’s back in his regular classes, on grade level again (finally), and he even made it to a couple of advanced courses this year.  We’re so proud of all of his hard work to get there.  And, we’re so thankful for all of those that supported us throughout his healing process.
But, no, we don’t have a football player in our family anymore…technically. (Unbeknownst to him, we’ve quasi-adopted Colts running back, Donald Brown, as part of the family.)  We’ve made a sport of being football fans.  

If you do, too…challenge a friend or family member who likes an opposing team to become a Football-anthopist, too.  Look at it this way, whether your team wins or loses, a charitable donation and deduction is a classic win/win.

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