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*Updated on December 17, 2020.

Fund Purpose:
To provide support to the Gardens of Matter Park, including gardening programs for children and adults, and the Garden House.

Fund Story:
The Gardens of Matter Park Endowed Fund was created to support to the Gardens of Matter Park including gardening programs for children and adults, and for the Garden House. “We have an absolute gem in our community,” said Belinda Hussong, Director of the Marion Parks Department.

Sustaining the gardens is an enormous project that needs money and labor. The Parks Department wanted people from the community to have a way to donate to the garden. “People are surprised by the gardens, by something so beautiful,” said Hussong. “They want to donate.”

The Garden House was completed in the spring of 2013 and is located on what used to be a baseball diamond. It currently serves as an affordable event venue consisting of one large room that seats 150, a small kitchen, and a fireplace. “It is simple, tastefully decorated, and rustic,” said Hussong.

The Parks Department Maintenance Supervisor designed the garden and Garden House and the rest of the staff helped to build them. The entire department helps to maintain it and an 84-year-old steadfast volunteer helps us out about 40 hours a week. “He even comes in on the weekends to water,” said Hussong. “We also have silent park volunteers. Their service is a good example for how a community should be.”

The fund will help to maintain the gardens and allow for programming in the Garden House. “We hope to offer classes for children in the Garden House,” said Hussong. “We want to expose the Garden House to the community in a variety of ways.”

“We need to always move forward and offer something fresh to the community,” said Hussong. The Parks Department strives to improve the quality of life for the community by providing a variety of events for the community in the gardens. “The gardens are something the community can be proud of,” said Hussong.

Fund Impact:
The Gardens of Matter Park

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