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Fund Purpose:
The purpose of this fund is to provide a scholarship to an applicant who attended McCulloch Middle/Intermediate School and attending (or planning to attend) a college/university in Grant County.

Fund Story:
In January of 2012, Ann Gillum, beloved wife, mother and “Granny Annie,” passed away peacefully in her home. “I remember her all the time,” said Ned Gillum, Ann’s loving husband of almost 59 years.

“She was sterling,” Gillum said. “She was a person of tremendous integrity.” She was active, efficient and followed through on her promises. Ann was very devoted to her family which included her three children and six grandchildren. Ann had a considerable impact on her family. They were all greatly influenced by her and family gatherings were a huge part of her life.

Ann was passionate about teaching. Her last position was at McCulloch Junior High where she taught science for 13 years. It was a difficult position for her at times because of discipline, but she was dedicated to her students. Ann’s favorite aunt, Paula, was also a teacher and was influential in Ann’s career choice. In turn, Ann’s example led one of her daughters to become a teacher as well.

Ann enjoyed traveling and accompanied Ned to three world conventions in Australia, Mexico and Puerto Rico. In 1996, the Gillums biked through Southern China. Their love of traveling was also passed on to their children and grandchildren.

Ned and Ann both grew up in Iowa. Ned Attended Saint Ambrose College and Ann went to Marycrest College. Following WWII, Ned’s best friend arranged a blind date between Ned and Ann. Ned had known who Ann was but she had been a few years behind him in high school. For their first date, Ned and his best friend set up a picnic by the sand pits in Muscatine, Iowa. The conversation flowed easily because they had both been to Europe and had a lot in common. He was a minister and she was the “perfect” minister’s wife. She was very strong in her faith, and after they married, she actively served with Ned in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). In 1974, they moved to Marion.

Gillum established the Ann Gillum Memorial Scholarship Fund in January of 2013 to provide an annual scholarship to a former McCulloch Middle School student attending a Grant County college. Being a product of the public school system, Ann would have wanted the scholarship to strengthen the public schools. “Creating the fund was the most natural thing for something that is meaningful to the kind of life she led,” Gillum said. “She would be pleased that it promotes education and teaching.”

Ned believes that faith is involved in generosity. “God is extremely generous,” he said. “If we are related to a generous and gracious God, then we should be too.” Gillum hopes that this fund will inspire others to support education in honor of his dearly loved wife.

Fund Impact:
Austin Hendricks
Emily Hineman
Patrick Riggs

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