Give Where You Live…for real.

Give Where You Live…for real.


“Would you like to donate a dollar to keep kids in school?”

“Dollar to feed the hungry?”

“Donation to cure xyz disease?”

“Fill the boot!”

“Put your old clothes and shoes and books in this dumpster-looking thing at Walmart (or any other number of places around town)!”


When they ask, I say “No, thanks. I give locally.” That usually quiets the asker. Sometimes they’re quiet from confusion, and sometimes they’re quiet because they know what I mean.


When you “fill the boot,” where does that money go? When you give a dollar to get your name on a piece of heavy paper that is taped to the wall, where does that dollar go? When you put your old clothes or books in that dumpster-looking thing, where do they go?


Rarely does that money stay in Grant County. It is sent far off to pay salaries and benefits and some research expenses to someone none of us know.


What would happen if that money did stay in Grant County? It would help further the mission of a local charity, like Cancer Services (which is not associated with the American Cancer Society, by the way) or Family Service Society. And chances are someone you know is or has been directly affected or helped by one of our local, fine charities. (By the way, both of the fine charities listed in this paragraph have helped yours truly’s family in the past.) It’s similar to shopping locally – the money stays here, provides local jobs, pays local salaries, increases the local tax revenue, and does general good in the local community.


And what is up with those ugly, dumpster-looking things that have popped up all over town? We’re checking it out, and we’ll let you know.

  • Cheryl Stanley
    Posted at 07:51h, 27 August Reply

    I wondered if those dumpster looking things went somewhere else and yes, they seem to be everywhere now. But the fill the boot?? I see people that actually work at the fire station collecting. I do hope that stays local. Thanks for this information and I look forward to reading about what you find out about the dumpster looking things.


    • Tempadmin
      Posted at 11:10h, 31 August Reply

      Cheryl, the donations firemen accept to their “Fill the Boot” campaign go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association in Chicago. While the MDA is a really great cause, we hope Grant County citizens will give to local charities that help local people and pay local salaries.

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