Grants FAQs

What Do You Fund?

Although we expect to remain flexible in our grantmaking decisions, the Community Foundation traditionally addresses needs that fall into the categories of Health, Education, Human Services, Community Development, and Fields of Interest. Though funding for operations is permitted, it must be tied to a specific project or program. The Foundation does not fund general operating costs. Grant Proposals written in collaboration with community partners are both encouraged and appreciated.

What types of programs are ineligible for funding?

Political activity
Profit making enterprises
Projects/programs that benefit a specific church
Any organization that has an open grant (has not given their High 5 presentation)

Can I print off the grant application and turn it in at your office?

All grant applications are completed online and must be turned in via our grants software, GLM.

Application Questions

Beginning with our Crowdfunding Competitive Grant Cycle (Application open January 24th-March 27th) our application questions may change. Please click the link below to review those questions before applying.

What documents are required to complete an application?

To complete a grant application, you are required to submit these 6 documents:
Project Budget ∙ Balance Sheet ∙ Income Statement ∙ Fiscal Year Budget ∙ List of Board and Key Staff Members ∙ Letter from the Board

Additionally, depending on the proposal details, you may also be required to submit 3 Quotes (if your proposal requests funding for goods or services) or a Partnership Agreement (if your proposal includes providing services to another organization).  Applicants are also required to submit a Signed Statement from the organization’s CEO and Board President indicating their understanding of the proposal and approval of application submission.

First time organizational applicants are required to meet with our Community Investment Manager prior to submitting an application. Click here to schedule a CoFo grants process review meeting.

How many cycles do you have throughout the year?

We have 6 grant cycles throughout the year:

1 – Designated Grant Cycle
2 – Third Path Implementation Grant Cycle
3 – Give To Grant Cycle
4 – Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Program Grant Cycle
5 – CAPE Grant Cycle
6 – Scholarship Grant Cycle

How will I know if my grant was awarded and what happens next?

If accepted, you will be notified by email and asked to meet with the Community Investment Manager to sign a formal grant agreement accepting all terms of the grant prior to release of funds and to review the publicity kit, reporting process, and other requirements.

You will be given a Publicity Kit to help inform the Grant County community of your exciting news and your upcoming project. All public announcements concerning your project/program should indicate the Foundation’s participation in the program funding. (The Publicity Kit we provide will help with this!)

A representative from your organization will be required to join us for a High-Five Zoom Celebration at a self selected date to tell us about all the good things your organization accomplished with your grant. Two weeks before your self-selected High Five date, a follow up form must be submitted with expenditure receipts and financial information. You will also be required to submit your High Five PowerPoint and script.

Failure to comply with these requirements will jeopardize future funding requests.

What is a High-Five Presentation?

Should your organization be selected for a grant from the Community Foundation, you will be required to present (via Zoom) your grant impact summary in the form of a 5-minute story. Our  final grant report is called High 5 because you will craft a story using five words: Character, Connection, Conflict, Conquest, and Community. You will select 5 pictures that represent those words, so please be sure to take pictures while implementing your grant. After your presentation, you will have 5 minutes to answer questions from our Board and other presenters.

In your application, you will be asked to select the High 5 presentation date that you estimate will be closest to when your project will be completed.

Should I write a press release?

Absolutely! You’ve worked so hard to receive this grant and to steward the funds for your project. Shout it from the rooftops! Tell all the people about the good things your organization is doing in our community. To help, here is a sample press release.

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