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*Updated on October 1, 2020.

Fund Purpose: to support the Wilson-Vaughn Historical House (Hostess House, Inc).

Fund Story:

Samuel Plato dreamed up the classical pillars, the arched windows, and the intricate ceiling patterns.

Peggy Wilson populated the house with stories, from the revelries of artists and celebrities to all of the private moments of charity that would never make headline news.

Josephine Davis threw open its doors, followed by a crew of women with scrub buckets, screwdrivers, and a whole lot of grit, to make their project happen.  Ultimately, their project wasn’t to restore the house.  It was to restore joy to the community by bringing people together.

Today’s volunteers are preserving the house’s historic beauty, keeping its stories alive, and welcoming the entire community to participate.

Volunteers Betsy Coss and Janet Gartland say that they strive to inform Marion residents of the house’s historic significance to the community while inviting them to contribute their own significance to it.  The two women say they are always welcoming innovative ways to get the community engaged at the Hostess House.

The Hostess House greets the modern era by allowing today’s citizens to take charge of its events and programs.  The house is open for anyone to use, to host different events, or simply to meet up with friends for lunch.  It’s the community that keeps it functioning.

Coss and Gartland want to preserve the Hostess House for the community for a long time.  They are dedicated to keeping the house running “so that the community has some nice things to hold on to,” Gartland says.

The Hostess House is Marion’s chance to unite as a community and remember the historic contributions to our community’s identity, because our community includes the people from the past who have dedicated their lives to improving the place where we live.  We feel their impact even now, and we can see it prominently in the Hostess House.

Currently,  our beloved House is in need of a new kitchen floor ($24,789), repairs to the front porch column that has pulled away from the house ($2,745), repairs to the gutters and downspouts to stop water from coming into the basement ($2,300), and repairs to the dormer windows ($8,353) for a total cost of $38,187.

Samuel, Peggy, and Josephine invested themselves in the Hostess House, but they also walked the streets of Marion as regular citizens, just as we do today. So, how will you keep their stories alive? And what stories will you add?  Will you consider a gift to help restore the Hostess House?

Because of a generous donation from an anonymous donor, your gift will be matched 50% or .50 cents for every $1.  See how quickly your gift will add up in the chart below. If you would like to support the Hostess House in this time of need, please give a tax-deductible donation by clicking Give Online.  Call us with any questions at (765) 662-0065.

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