I Volunteer as Tribute

I Volunteer as Tribute

No doubt many of you have seen The Hunger Games and have heard those famous words spoken by Katniss Everdeen, “I volunteer as tribute.”  (I saw it on opening day and thought it was great, by the way!)

However, I wouldn’t recommend the playing of any real Hunger Games in Grant County, nor would I advise anyone to actually volunteer as tribute.  That kind of crazy talk can be left to the movie-makers!   But, making a tribute and volunteering as tribute are two very different things.

All this to say that the Foundation Team has been working hard this past week to give our Honorary and Memorial Tributes a much-needed facelift.  After all, the concept of donors making a tribute in honor or in memory of special people in their lives has been around for quite some time. 

We’ve received donations to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, honor roll, and various holidays.  Often we’ll receive donations in lieu of flowers to memorialize the loss of a loved that has passed away.  You name it; we’ve probably received a Tribute to commemorate it!

But, why make a Tribute?  Well, more often than not, you just know that another gift will just be one more thing to dust.  And who needs one more thing to dust?  Not me!

This is why Tributes started to gain popularity.  You get to be charitable and select a fund at the Foundation that you think your loved one would really appreciate.  A list of all of our 300 funds can be found on our website at comfdn.org/marketplace. Then, you make a check payable to the Community Foundation and let us know who you’d like remember with a Tribute. 

Once your donation is made, we will send a custom card to the Tribute recipient, or their family, to let them know that you made a Tribute in their name.  The cards are amazing and would be something that I would be proud to receive myself!

It’s really win-win.  You get to make a charitable contribution and the “tributee” feels special and doesn’t have to dust.  That’s definitely worth volunteering to make a tribute!

May the odds be ever in your favor,


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