Impact Investing

Here at the Community Foundation we’re committed to building a bold new way to accelerate positive social outcomes through a local impact investing program, as an extension of our community leadership efforts. We recognize that our assets, over 90% of which are endowed, positions us to bring new tools, such as local impact investing, to address the needs and opportunities of Grant County.

The purpose of our Impact Investing program is to make socially impactful investments that provide a financial return and measurably advance a prosperous Grant County. The program will invest in people, projects, businesses, and organizations that address economic prosperity, quality of life, and access to opportunity for residents of Grant County. The Foundation will seek investments that provide social impact and financial return, and that express the following values: 1) Leadership by growing skills and capacity of local organizations and individuals, 2) Collaboration by working in relationship with, and not in competition with, other local capital partners and providers, 3) Innovation by addressing community needs and opportunities in creative and new ways, and 4) Access to Opportunity by increasing access for systemically marginalized individuals and organizations including, but not limited to, people of color and women.

Unlike grants, impact investments intend to generate BOTH a social benefit AND a financial return.

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