Knox Box Info

Knox Box Info

A Knox Box is a small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys for fire departments, emergency medical services, and sometimes police to retrieve in emergency situations. Trusted by thousands of fire and law enforcement agencies for over 40 years, Knox Boxes have provided first responders with immediate access into secure buildings, campuses, residences and commercial properties when it matters most. Removing barriers to entry reduces injuries to responders and minimizes property damage.

The Community Foundation recently installed a Knox Box as a part of our Disaster Recovery Plan. And because we find the resource so valuable, we are now offering the opportunity for nonprofit organizations located in the City of Marion to receive funding to cover the expense of having a box installed on their property.

Currently, we are only offering this opportunity to Marion, IN nonprofit organizations because Marion is the only city in Grant County that emergency personnel have access to Knox Boxes.

We will review and approve Knox Box applications on a rolling basis every two months starting February 2022. To apply, Marion located nonprofits are required to submit a completed and board-approved disaster recovery plan by clicking the button below.

Connect with if you need examples or help in completing a disaster recovery plan for your nonprofit.

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