Meet Bradley Myers

Administrative and Accounting Assistant & Donor

Meet Bradley Myers

Hi. It’s ME, Bradley…

And this is my journey failing forward through a somewhat mythical narrative, to becoming the CoFo Administrative and Accounting Assistant.

Once upon a time, in a distant realm, ’twas a quaint little circus town, ruled by tradition and clowns, famously recognized as Peru, Indiana. Despite this fame and fortune, on September 16, 1989, Ray and Joy Myers welcomed a beautiful prince at Peru Hospital. He was given the name, Bradley Raymond Myers. This made their second addition to the family…and the only boy. His parents later added three more princesses to the royal family.

Growing up in Peru, the Myers family lived in a rather large neighborhood called Parkview Heights. His childhood memories consisted of exploring mystical woods on the north side of the addition, building forts, and riding bikes around the neighborhood.

Okay, a little less mythical now… 

My eighth-grade year at Peru ended when my Father took a job in Marion at VIA Credit Union. This meant, “Goodbye Clowns and Hello Giants!” We landed in a beautiful neighborhood by the name of Avondale. I graduated from Marion High School in 2008 and made the decision to attend Indiana Wesleyan University, where both of my parents graduated.

Indiana Wesleyan University was what I considered a version of Cosmopolitan or GQ magazine in religious form. Although it was quite lovely and full of beautiful people and buildings, I decided to transfer to Ball State University, where I graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Science in 2013. Up until then I had worked as a lifeguard during the summers, on the BSU campus, and at the Grant County Family YMCA while finishing a few classes online. With that said, it was goodbye lifeguard career and hello business administration opportunity somewhere in the future.

Twenty-three going on twenty-four and I decided it was time to get a place of my own. I landed in a very cute duplex in Marion, where I then commuted to Fishers for an entire year until I could no longer take the drive. My sister Crystal, who I always grew up closest to, and I decided it was time to leave Marion and head to the City of Indianapolis.

Once living in Indianapolis, I started working downtown for the State of Indiana. At this time, I felt like it could not get any better than this, although, at the same time always felt like something was missing. You’d think living in a larger city, with more people, and endless opportunities would give a person an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. This was not how I felt. For example, it was harder to make close friends, everywhere I applied to, it seemed, I was up against an entire city’s number of résumés, and I never felt at home.

I stuck to my roots…movie theaters, outdoor walks and jogs, and staying close to my family. Attempted a few love relationships, but never found the right match.

At the age of 30, after spending five years in Indianapolis, I decided to move back to my hometown of Marion, Indiana…the Home of the very brave Giant. I was home working a remote job and feeling safe again with the protection of the fierce Giant. I knew this was time to begin saving for an investment, buying my first home.

Up to this point, I had gone through several trials and became the BEST at dancing in the rain. One major lesson I learned is, less is more. In all areas of life. Through these trials I also learned about me. I truly grew into my true self and could be ME around everyone. I learned that the past is just that…best left there and forgotten…and to only take the lessons you learned with you. Leave the past for itself and LIVE right now, ONLY!

At thirty-three years old, surrounded by TRUE friends and family, it was time to start house hunting. I invested in my first home purchase in the middle of town on 4th Street and could not be happier. Just me and my two fur babies (dog daughters), Princess Agatha and Princess Priscilla.

I made a point to decorate my home with antiques and personal items my grandma left me when she passed. My ideal home is one where I feel cozy and safe, just like at Grandma & Grandpa Myers’ house.

I had just made my first home investment, but I was still missing something. Working remotely as an escalations phone supervisor was draining me of my superpowers. How could this Prince from Circus City regain his powers and inner joy? Ah HA! A career change was key.

In the beginning of 2023, I began my new search for a career that I could be passionate about and not just working a job for a paycheck. One thing I discovered about myself is how passionate I am about my community and the people who live here.

Fast forward to September, my birth month, and my best friend Shelly mentions a lunch at Obi’s BBQ, a local restaurant, with her coworkers.  I almost turned it down and then thought why not… Little did I know this was a get-to-know-you-pre-interview-lunch!

That Shelly has been known for pulling fast ones…but this one really came from the back side and smacked my tooshie just right. The lunch was amazing and the warmth, love, and positive energy from Shelly and her amazing office of Queens gave me the motivation I needed to keep going. A few days passed and I received a call and interview request for an open position at the Community Foundation. I was speechless.

Fast forward again to the day after the interview and I accepted the BEST job offer email I have ever received. Seriously!

This is it! For once in my life, I am doing something I truly care about. I am here to give my full attention and self to help and assist in any way possible. As I sit in my new office chair writing this very biography, I can truly say all the missing pieces to my life puzzle have been found. I am happy. Life will always bring a bit of rain and sometimes a few downpours, but there are always rainbows…AND I AM GOING TO DANCE REGARDLESS!


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    Congratulations, Bradley!

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