My Secret Weapon (Never before revealed)

My Secret Weapon (Never before revealed)

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. No offense to Dickens’ classic Tale of Two Cites, but this is exactly what it feels like to send your first-born off to college. But, as hard as this move was, it was actually the second toughest move we’ve made with our son Griffin. The first one was a full 18 years ago…in a plane…when he was a baby. Have you ever been the one traveling in-a-plane-with-a-baby? I know two things for sure.  People do love babies. People do not love babies on planes.

It all started after I graduated from college and decided that I wanted to teach in the one the best school districts in the U.S. at the time. That district happened to be in Plano, Texas. So, I packed up my stuff and made that loooooooong drive from Indiana to Texas. I was all alone in my unairconditioned Ford Escort with the smallest U-Haul available for rental dragging behind me. (Mainly because that was all the horsepower my car could pull, but it was the perfect size to actually move everything I owned in the entire world!) I was in Texas a full 8 years before the decision was made to trek back to my Indiana home. However, this return trip now included a husband, a baby, one of U-Haul’s largest moving trucks, and a couple of cars! (I guess everything is bigger in Texas!) To make the move easier on me, my husband and brother agreed to drive the ‘stuff’ back home, which allowed Griffin and me to fly back.

I was a relatively new parent, but I knew the havoc air pressure could wreak while flying, so I was concerned about being the one unable to console my crying baby. Therefore, I packed my secret weapon:  Marzetti’s Caramel Apple Dip. I just discretely dipped Griffin’s binky into that caramel apple dip and watched him smile and coo and swallow frequently enough that the air pressure didn’t bother his little ears one bit.



Whether that’s considered good parenting or not, I’m not saying. But, I can tell you that I was one popular momma at baggage claim.  Everyone oohed and ahhhed at how beautiful my baby was and how they’d never seen such a well-behaved infant on a plane. I thanked them, smiled, and never once revealed my secret.

Thus is life. There will always be hurdles we have to jump. Most of the time there will be circumstances completely out of our control, like cabin air pressure. So, what do you do then? You do what you can do, like pack caramel apple dip. After all, it’s better than doing nothing and it just might work!

be all thereThe same goes for Grant County. There are some out there that can only see the crying baby on a plane. They don’t see the beautiful sunrise or the billowing clouds. They certainly don’t appreciate the very fact that an 800,000 pound wad of metal can actually be airborne. Flying! That’s truly amazing! Instead they think, “Why me? Why do I have to be on the plane with the crying baby?”


Life is what you make it, friends.  You can view Grant County as #1 in child poverty or you can do your part (whatever that is) to make this community a great place for children to grow up. If our families are strong, the entire community will be strengthened…businesses, non-profits, churches, etc. And that’s why our Community Impact Fund exists. As a donor you can contribute to this fund which allows the Foundation to make grants six times per year to local charities which work tirelessly to make our community a better place to live, work, play, and pray.

As if that’s not cool enough, all donations to the Community Impact Fund are being matched $1 for $1 right now! That’s an immediate 100% return on your investment!  You don’t get much better than that…unless you’re the one with the quiet baby on the plane.

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