New Places, New Spaces, New Faces

New Places, New Spaces, New Faces

Is there anything more thrilling than receiving a package in the mail?  For that one glorious moment, it’s Christmas morning, the mailman is Santa Claus, and whatever is in that cardboard box is the key to all happiness.  Even if it’s just Ray from Peerless and he’s delivering a box of new staples and paperclips, there’s still an anticipatory excitement in ripping off the packing tape and pulling out the packing bubbles.

Human beings love new things.  It would be hard to find a woman who doesn’t love to buy a new outfit or a new pair of shoes.  And guys are just as bad when it comes to new tools or gadgets.  We all want the newest iPhone, or the latest MacBook.  We insist on buying new cars, and then two years later, we buy newER cars.  We stay tuned in for the most up-to-date news, and frantically try to stay on top of current events.  New.  Newer.  Newest.    Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are popular because they provide a constant stream of new information.  New ideas.  New things to ponder.  New jokes to laugh at.

But last week, I moved into a new office and I quickly realized something:  Human beings love old things.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my new office!  I’ve got lots of room for all of my projects, plenty of wall space for all of my pictures, and tons of storage…but as soon as I moved into this office, I set to making it look like the work-space I had just left.  I put the phone on the left, the scanner on the right, the pen jar right next to the monitor, Kleenex on the other side.  I brought in my old photos, inspirational thoughts, and Dilbert strips.  Though I brought in a few new things too, I didn’t feel at home until I was surrounded by my old familiar things.

Here at the Foundation, we’ve had a lot of new things happen over the last five months.  I’m sure our Foundationfans have noticed.  We’ve sent out new thank you cards, put up new signs, tried to find new ways to share our message.  We have a new Executive Director, new Program Manager, and starting tomorrow, a new person sitting at the front desk to greet our guests and be our Office Coordinator.  Yep, we love new things!  But, rest assured, we love old things, too. 

Around here, we like to say we’re building a tradition.  We’re handing down a series of statements, beliefs, and information from generation to generation, by word of mouth and by practice.  We’ve been growing endowment in Grant County since 1984, that’s an old thing we’re really proud of!  For over twenty years, we’ve helped our donors invest in worthy charitable causes of all shapes and sizes.  And hundreds of students have realized their college dreams because of Foundation scholarships. 

So, with more exciting new things on the horizon, as we grow as an organization, the Foundation’s…well, foundation is as strong and timeless as ever.  With your help, we are enhancing an improved quality of life in Grant County.  That’s nothing new, but I believe it’s still very exciting!

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