Our Mission and More

The Community Foundation of Grant County has deep roots in our community. We were established in 1984 as an organization that could pool our resources for the benefit of improving the local quality of life. We serve as a means through which those of us who live or earn a livelihood in Grant County could build, over time, substantial endowment funds for Grant County through contributions large and small. To learn more about the seeds of generosity being planted by people like you at the Community Foundation, read our current Annual Report.

The mission of the Community Foundation of Grant County is to
connect people, resources, and causes to promote sustainable
impact towards the betterment of Grant County.

The Community Foundation of Grant County serves donors, nonpro­fits,
and the community with the intent of building endowments to provide
income for local charitable causes now and forever.

Develop a permanent endowment for the community.
Serve donors with various interests at various levels of giving.
Assess and respond to emerging and changing community needs.

Commitment to ethical behavior.
Welcoming and inclusive environment.
Open and collaborative.
Continuously learning and innovative.
Appreciative of our geographical boundaries.
Celebratory when we succeed.


We will acknowledge that this is a fluid list.

We will give priority to Wildly Important Goals.

We will make meeting prework accessible, consistent, and engaging.

We will work together out loud.

We will focus on team member strengths and victories.

We will trust our team.

  • Communication Plan items take priority over inbox email count.
  • Honor Wildly Important Goals before whirlwind.
  • Go big for Grant County!
  • Be prepared to begin and end all meetings on time and stay fully engaged.
  • Support the facilitator’s efforts to keep us on task.
  • Send meetings notifications with agenda and all supporting documents well in advance.
  • Communicate respectfully to each other.
  • Listen to each other without interrupting.
  • Give everyone a chance to speak.
  • Say when you feel uncomfortable talking about something.
  • Honor the pause when required.
  • Be open-minded, collaborative, and give grace.
  • Avoid hurtful comments, even in jest.
  • Commit to ethical behavior.
  • Be welcoming and inclusive.
  • Appreciate our geographic boundaries.
  • Assume positive intentions.
  • Celebrate when we succeed.
  • We will be continuously learning and innovative.
  • Talk about solutions more than problems.
  • Admit when we do not know the right answer and brainstorm with a team member.
  • Strive for excellence and understand that failure is a part of the process.
  • Bring before the whole all concerns if group norms are not working.