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If you’re visiting this page, you’ve most likely called Grant County home, and you care about its future. You love our community and the nonprofits that help make Grant County great. But have you considered how to provide sustainability for your favorite charitable cause? Planned Giving. It’s like regular giving, with long-term, legacy-building power! 

Plant Seeds Today for a Planned Gift Tomorrow.

Like the life cycle of an apple tree, planned giving follows a natural progression. You can’t bake an apple pie unless someone once planted apple seeds.

Most planned giving begins small, like planting seeds to make the Foundation a 5% beneficiary of your retirement plan. As life progresses and wealth accumulates, wills and other giving tools help you take care of your family and define the charitable legacy you will leave in our community.

Many people simply don’t think about by drafting a will. Sadly, when that happens the courts decide what happens to your money, your things, and your legacy. Planning ahead is the solution to this problem; yet 70% of Americans don’t have a will. Let’s change that statistic!

That’s why we’re introducing our new Pie Society.

By contributing a piece of your pie to Grant County through the Community Foundation, you’re investing in a bright future for the next generation. Please consider activating a planned gift by including the Foundation in your plan to leave a charitable legacy that will last forever.

How does it work?

Your Accumulated Wealth

Your Pie

Share a slice of any size
with Grant County.

Become a
Pie Society Member.

Leave Grant County just a piece of your pie. It’s that easy!

The Pie Society is for you! It’s a community-wide giving society made up of generous donors like you who have promised to leave a portion of their accumulated wealth – or a piece of their pie – to charity. The amount of your gift and charities you choose are up to you. Support your own fund, the Give To Grant Fund, or any one of our 400+ funds we hold at the Community Foundation. Then you can rest assured that your charitable wishes will last forever.

What if you could help Grant County’s future become even better?

If every donor gave just 5% of their pie to the Foundation in the next 10 years, $2.3B would be raised through donations. That’s a B for Billion!

That investment will produce $1.5M in annual grantmaking…forever. This could assure that parks, sports fields, and greenways are maintained, kids won’t go to bed hungry, and our health and safety is improved.

Leave a slice, leave a legacy!

Your generous annual donations, along with a larger planned gift for later, is truly the only way we’ll see the overall quality of life improve. That’s how your planned gift leaves a lasting legacy. Please see below to review your planned giving options and let’s secure your membership in the Pie Society today. Then, tell your Grant County friends that they can do the same if they simply save a charitable slice of pie for the Community Foundation.

If you love our community and want to ensure it continues to be great, the Pie Society is for you.

The Pie Society is a community-wide giving society made up of generous donors like you who have promised to leave a portion of their estate – or a piece of their pie – to charity. The amount of the gift and the charities you choose is up to you.

You love our community and already support many local nonprofits and charitable causes that help make Grant County a great place to live and grow. Have you considered one of the best ways to give to ensure the charities you care about are able to continue their work in the long term? There are a variety of giving options you can take advantage of when creating your charitable estate plan. We’ve listed a few options that may be beneficial to you. To determine which options best fit your needs, contact your professional advisor.

There’s plenty of pie to go around! 

Beneficiary of your Retirement Plan Assets
Charity is named as a percentage beneficiary of retirement plan assets.

How does this affect you? May have estate planning benefits because Income in Respect of a Decedent (IRD) is taxable to heirs, but not charities.


Life Insurance Policy
Policy is gifted to charity or charity is named as a designated beneficiary.

How does this affect you? You receive income tax deduction for donated policy.


Will and Estate Plan Gifts
Direct your donation details to a charity upon your death. This is one of the easiest ways to join the Pie Society.

How does this affect you? The estate tax charitable deduction will be for the value of the gift; donor retains use and control of donation until time of bequest. This is the most popular form of planned gift.

Revocable Living Trusts
Set up a trust that directs disposition of assets, including gifts to charity; trusts can be revoked or changed.

How does this affect you? Minimize costs and delays of probate; facilitates transfer of assets as planned; is private, not public (unlike a will); continuity of asset management in the event of death or disability.


Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
Donor transfers assets to trust with a three-party agreement. Use of principal is deferred. Remaining assets after all other terms and conditions have been fulfilled must be transmitted to a charitable organization.

How does this affect you? Donor claims income tax deduction for remaining gift value. Capital gains tax avoided. Estate tax liability reduced.


IRA Charitable Rollover
An individual 70 ½ or older at the time of distribution can transfer a maximum annual amount per calendar year up to $100,000 from their IRA to one or more qualifying nonprofits, like the Community Foundation.

How does this affect you? The transfer is treated as tax-free up to the $100,000 limit and is not counted as part of taxable income for the year.

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