Pockets.  Pockets.  Pockets.  There are deep pockets and empty pockets.  Back pockets and holey pockets.  Even hot pockets and pick pockets.    But, the best pocket, by far, is a money-filled pocket!   

This week I finally had to pull out my heavy winter coat as the wind chill dipped lower than the final score of a Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars football game.  I was anxiously looking forward to dunking my hands in the pockets to see what I might find left over from last winter.  (Please tell me I’m not the only one that plays this game!)  Winter 2013: A small packet of Kleenex tissues and a granola bar.  Wawa-wa…bummer.

Just think about how much better my day would have been if I had only activated Operation Moneybags last year.  I’ve long had this idea that each spring we should all place a $20 dollar bill in our coat pocket just before we pack it away.  Then on that first frigidly cold, depressing day of Indiana winter, you could surprise yourself and add a little color to that fresh blanket of white snow…some currency green.   That, my friends, is even better than Nutella!

I know this to be true because it happened to me this past Christmas.  Like many of you, our family tradition is to open just one present on Christmas Eve.  And, also like many of you, that present is always pajamas.  Brand spankin’ new pj’s with the tags intact, still a bit stiff as new clothes often are, yet boom, I found $5 bucks in the front pocket!  We have no idea how that money got there.  And in a pair of jammies, no less.  But we’d like to think some Secret Santa initiated Operation Moneybags as some holiday random act of kindness.  I know, I know…it was only $5 dollars, but I was over the moon.  Giddy even.  I felt like I’d won the pocket lottery.

Ah, the little things in life.  It truly doesn’t take much to positively impact our lives now, does it?

A hot cup of coffee.  The window seat.   A home-cooked meal.  When the pop you pour into your glass races to the top, but doesn’t spill over.  The smell of a baby’s head.  Oh, and their little bitty hands!  Puppies!  Sweatshirt weather.  Three-day weekends.  Paying your car off (just ask Ashley!).  Going to a job you love.  Your dog crazily greeting you when you come home from that job you love.  Season finales.  Payday!  The first day of school.  The last day of school.  Remembering your umbrella.  The cold side of your pillow.  Chapstick.  Being the first one in the peanut butter.  Getting a card…in the mail.  No cavities. The smell of bacon.

See what I mean?  Little things mean a lot. When it comes to charitable organizations like the Community Foundation, it’s no different.  We appreciate when people give what they can give, now, no matter how little they think the gift might be.  Oftentimes, people want to wait…wait until they can give big.  Wait until their kids graduate or until the mortgage is paid off.  Wait until they get that big raise or until the donation they give can have a comma in it.  And while I don’t fault any of those grand ideas, I know this for sure:  If you’re looking for a reason not to be generous, you’ll probably find it.  So, give a little bit.  Then, give a little bit frequently.  Then see what happens next.  My experience has shown me that generous people have more to give.  If you don’t believe me, just check your pockets.

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