Que Será, Será

Que Será, Será

My family had one of those ginormous old console televisions back in the day.  I remember it well for two reasons:

(1) We only got three channels…6, 8 and 13. I remember when Fox added a 4th major network to the lineup and many people thought that it would never survive; alas it did and so did many others!

(2) I was the remote.  There were no fancy controls back then; you wanted the channel changed, someone had to get up, walk to the television, and physically twist the little dial.  That job usually fell to any child in the house at the time!

Times were simpler then and many things have changed; but some things, well, some things stay the same.

With three network channels there wasn’t much to watch in the 60’s and 70’s on a Saturday afternoon, but if you were lucky, you could catch a heartwarming Doris Day flick and all was right with the world.  I remember watching With Six You Get Eggroll, Pillow Talk with the one and only Rock Hudson, and listening to her beautiful voice singing the Lullaby of Broadway or Que Será, SeráAnd, boy was she a looker!  She had a showgirl presence, but the girl-next-door persona…the total package for boys to admire and girls to emulate.  And, on April 3rd, she will celebrate her 93rd Birthday!

tv3Many of you probably haven’t thought about Doris Day in decades, literally! Some of you may never have heard of her at all!  But, I was delighted to learn that that she’s quite the philanthropist.  She founded the Doris Day Animal Foundation in 1978 and works diligently to help our furriest ‘four-leggers’ as she calls them.

Learning of Day’s 93rd Birthday has been a blessing to me this week.  It brought back some fond memories from days gone by.  It reminded me that life is short…even the biggest stars in the brightest limelight age…so we should all do what we can while we’re here to leave the world a better place than we found it.  And, it reminded me of “Que Será, Será“ which means “Whatever Will be, Will Be”.  That will never change.  Yes, we should work hard, aim high, and strive for success, but things don’t always work out the way we intend.  We win some; we lose some.  It’s a hard life lesson and one we’re reminded of at the Community Foundation this time each year.    

As a grantmaker, one of the most rewarding things we get to do is award grants to awesome non-profits and scholarships to amazing students.  But, the reality is that the pot-of-gold that our donors have entrusted us with isn’t bottomless—the funds we have to distribute are finite.  That doesn’t mean that our grantmaking isn’t significant; it is!  In fact, you may have seen the impact our $1.5M in grantmaking has made on Grant County in the last year.  Announcing awards like this is both rewarding and exciting…and to be celebrated by our entire community.  Grant County would be markedly different without the generosity of thousands of local donors who give through the Community Foundation. Donors give and Grant County benefit; win/win—except not every applicant can win.

With every ‘yes’ we give one applicant, there are many other applicants who don’t receive a grant or scholarship. This is simply because the process is highly competitive and the dollars are limited.  Telling any applicant that they haven’t received a grant or scholarship is one of the hardest parts of this job.

This is not news to sports fans out there.  You have your NCAA brackets filled out awaiting a winner.  My picks this year are already out, but both Shelly and Megan still have 2 teams left in our bragging-rights-only office pool!  All great teams, but there will ultimately be one winner, one trophy, and we will celebrate their hard work and stellar performance.

It’s the same here at the Community Foundation.  Many applicants are stellar, but they can’t all be declared the winners.  That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t celebrate those who do win—we should and we do!  And, it doesn’t mean that those applicants who don’t win can’t try again the next time—they should and they often do.

In the big scheme of things, in life, in sports, and even in the world of grants and scholarships, everything really does work out for a reason.  Que Será, Será.

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