Tim Rice Memorial Fund

Fund Purpose:
The purpose of this fund is to benefit Cancer Services of Grant County and Gilead Ministries.

Fund Story:
Kamron and Karlee McGriff, grandchildren of Tim Rice, and their friends Kaylene and Callie Cox, wanted to do something positive to remember the grandpa that they loved so much. Tim was diagnosed with cancer on July 28, 2011, and passed away on July 4, 2012. This fund was established in his memory and will benefit other Grant County citizens impacted by cancer through Cancer Services of Grant County and Gilead Ministries.

Tim grew up in Marion and attended Marion High School.

“He was the most amazing grandfather and man I have ever met,” said Jennifer McGriff, Tim’s daughter-in-law. “No one could say anything bad about him.”

Tim owned Toppit Pizza and worked for Grant County Highway.  Tim’s family and his grandkids were very important to him. He enjoyed playing Santa and playing with his grandkids.

“He was a big kid himself. He was the grandpa playing spies in the pine trees or in the yard. He was friendly, fun-loving, and a great guy,” said McGriff. “He collected silly things like marbles, old keys, and once he had acorns in his pocket.”

“He was very emotional. He was always so touched if you just looked at him and said that you loved him,” said McGriff. “And he was clowning all the time. He is really missed.”

Jennifer’s son Kamron was very close to Tim. When Tim got sick, Kamron would say that he felt like he was losing his best buddy.

“I wanted to prepare my son for the worst but encourage him to pray for the best,” said McGriff. “I wasn’t sure what to do but I said, ‘Kamron, no matter what happens, something good will come of this.’”

The day after Tim’s funeral, Kamron approached Jennifer with an idea to honor his beloved grandpa. Kamron wanted to hold a 5K run for Tim at Matter Park.

“If grandpa was here, he would give back,” Kamron told his mother.

“I didn‘t know what was in store for me. I didn’t know how to get started or know how far a 5k was!” said McGriff.

Jennifer went to the town board and got approval for the race. People were put in place the entire time to make the event possible from the chance meeting with an old friend who directed Jennifer to set up a fund at the Community Foundation, to the attorney who offered to take care of filing all of the 5k paperwork, to the town board member who paid the $90 filing fee, to the volunteers who offered to help plan the event and to the roughly 120 participants who came out for the race. Through the 5k, Jennifer and her son were able to reach their goal of $5,000 to start the fund at the Community Foundation to benefit Cancer Services of Grant County and Gilead Ministries.

“Every bit of money was a God thing. Everything was God’s timing,” said McGriff.

Fund Impact:
Cancer Services
Gilead Ministries

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