Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings

“’Everything will be alright” is not the same as “everything will stay the same.’”Seth Godin

Isn’t it funny how we sometimes confuse those two ideas?  As a child, I can recall a handful of instances when “everything will be alright” meant that my whole world was about to change.  When my dad left his job, everything was alright.  When we moved out of our old neighborhood and left behind all of our friends, everything was alright.  When my grandmother passed away after a rather sudden illness, everything was eventually alright, but nothing was ever the same.  Even as an adult, when my precious niece was diagnosed with Williams syndrome, in a way, everything was alright, but we all knew that everything would not stay the same.

But not every instance of change is a negative one.  When I decided to go to college in a different state where I knew no one- different, but awesome.  When my best friend and I decided to be roommates, our friendship changed- for the better.  When I accepted my job here at the Community Foundation, that was a major life-change for me, a wonderful life-change.

And then there are changes both major and minor, that will dramatically affect our lives but we can’t simply label them “good” or “bad.”  New.  Different.  Unfamiliar.  Exciting.  Frightening.  They can be all of these things at once.  We look back on the way things used to be with fondness; we look forward on the way things could be with anticipation.   Bob Dylan once penned, “the times they are a-changin’,” and here at the Foundation, that’s never been more true.

The best part about the Foundation is that it has both roots and wings.  It is a grounded entity in Grant County, solid, strong and dependable, with a well-established reputation from those who have worked to make it grow.  But it also has wings, the vision needed to transform, flourish, and take flight.

So, like a college student who hugs her parents quickly but tightly, tries not to cry, then turns around with a bright smile of excitement toward her future, so we at the Foundation move forward as well.  With a little trepidation, but a little more confidence, we acknowledge that everything will not stay the same, that’s not how life works, but everything will be alright.  Confident in our roots, we take flight toward a new chapter; we honor our predecessors by embracing the change, and hope to make them, and ourselves, proud.

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