Sprinkle Exclamation Point Here

Sprinkle Exclamation Point Here

Combining your charitable dollars with others’ sprinkles a little something extra when supporting worthwhile charitable causes in our community. It pools multiple resources to make your generosity go even farther in addressing important charitable work. And it creates sustainable impact for the betterment of our community—that’s our mission!

When you choose to give to the Community Foundation, you are making a point with your charitable giving. An Exclamation Point to be exact. You are saying – “This is important to me” [sprinkle exclamation point here]!

Our Give to Grant Collaborative Fund leverages that exclamation by providing even more support than any of our funds could do on their own. We review all applications before an investment is made and we require all recipients to report back to us about the community transformation that was made [sprinkle exclamation point here]!

The Give to Grant Collaborative Fund connects people, resources, and causes, intentionally. No donation is too big or too small because we combine generous donations with others’ and pool our resources to do something strong and impactful for our community [sprinkle exclamation point here]!

Join the Give To Grant Collaborative by making a donation to the Collab today with the enclosed donation envelop. Or to open a Family-Named Fund of your very own, contact Shelly Jones at 765-662-0065 and allow us to help you help others.


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