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Here at the Community Foundation, we love connecting people like YOU with causes that matter. We recently revamped our website to make it easier to navigate and make those connections. One way you can help is by visiting our Donor Marketplace and reviewing the information listed on your fund page.

Something we have learned throughout the years is that potential donors respond to stories. We all love stories – stories that make us laugh, stories that make us cry, and most importantly, stories that compel us to work towards the betterment of our community. It is often stories that create the impact that leads to action. We want potential donors to read your stories and be inspired to join you, so we encourage you to look at your fund page, especially your fund story, and make sure potential donors’ questions are answered.

We’ve created the brief questionnaire below to help you in helping us to tell your story. It’s setup in a way that will allow you to skip the questions that are not relevant to your story. You can even submit photos for us to post on your fund page. Answer all of the questions or only the ones that are relevant to your story. And if you need help putting it all together, we’re here to help!

Fund Page Story Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in improving your fund story! The purpose of this questionnaire is to create building blocks that will allow you to build your fund story. Please answer all questions in full sentences. Feel free to skip a question if you feel you have answered it in a previous paragraph.
  • Examples: an image of the logo of the organization this fund supports, image(s) of the activities this fund supports, image(s) that illustrate what my donation will accomplish, image(s) that illustrate what my donation has accomplished, etc.
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