Take What You Need

Take What You Need

I love this little flyer because I want it to be just that easy.  Wouldn’t it be great if you were walking by this sign, feeling a little disheartened, so you took “hope,” and carried it with you all day?  Or your family member was sick, so you grabbed “healing” and brought it home to them.  What if you were proactive enough to choose “understanding” after that frustrating encounter with a friend?  Or you knew you had a presentation at work and needed a little “courage” on your way. 

I think we can all appreciate the sentiment here.  Who doesn’t need some “love,” “peace,” and “passion” on their journey?  I think if I had to choose, I would pick “strength” for today and maybe “hope” for tomorrow.  I want it to be just that easy.  But maybe it’s not as hard as I think.

The other day, Jennifer Lane-Riefler, Executive Director of Cancer Services of Grant County, stopped by our office.  She began telling us the story of her 1000+ mile bike ride she had just finished to raise awareness for Cancer Services.  She shared with us the recent diagnosis of a very close friend, and how she knew that no matter how hard the ride seemed, nothing could stop her because she wanted to honor that friend.  It was sheer determination that took over when all strength failed her.  “It was like it wasn’t even me pushing those pedals,” she told us.  By the time she finished her story, everyone in the room had received a dose of “passion,” “beauty,” and “courage.” 

And I wonder, if I spent just a few minutes in every not-for-profit in Grant County, wouldn’t it be the equivalent of tearing off each of these sentiments and carrying them around with me?  Couldn’t I walk into the Boys and Girls Cluband find “love”?  And if I wanted “understanding,” wouldn’t it be at St. Martin’s?  I could stop at the Pregnancy Help Center for some “hope,   and at the Marion CivicTheatre for some “passion.”  Maybe a walk on the Cardinal Greenway would take care of “beauty,” and I could find “courage” at the First Light Child Advocacy Center.  “Healing” might be found at Carey Services, and “peace” might be at Genesis Place.  I could visit the World War II Memorial to encounter “freedom;” I could ride with the Lightriders to increase my “faith.”  “Patience” might be right there at the Community Youth Outreach Center.  “Strength” could be at the Marion-GrantCounty Senior Center.  I could go on and on about finding “encouragement” at Family Services, or “friendship” at the Grant County Humane Society, but I think you get the point.  Everything listed on that flyer is right here and readily available, all I have to do is reach out and take it.  Or maybe, it’s less about taking, and more about giving.  Maybe I can give “peace,” “passion,” and “healing,” and receive “love,” “hope,” and “faith” in return. 

Consider this quote from Jimmy LaRose,

“I believe that in the next few moments…

…a child, a mom, a family will experience unconditional love for the very first time because…

…a person like you dedicated their life to serve others through the nonprofit movement.

Which is why I will never apologize for boldly inviting someone to give to a cause that is greater than themselves.”

It is that belief that moves us to extend the invitation to you, the invitation to give to something you believe in.  Here at the Community Foundation, we believe that we’re simply a conduit, connecting you to the not-for-profit and charity organizations that align with your passions and principles.  We’re kind of like that flyer, with nearly 300 possibilities to choose from.  Whatever you’re looking for, whatever you support, however you choose to give, we are here to help you make it happen.  You can click (comfdn.org), call (765.662.0065), or come on in (505 W 3rd St., Marion).  It really is just that easy. 

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