Mary Clark Hanley Teaching Excellence Award Endowed Fund

Total Granted as of August 1, 2019

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Fund Purpose:
The purpose of this fund is to provide awards to elementary school teachers within Marion Community Schools for excellence in teaching.

Fund Story:
Mary Clark Hanley was born in 1911, attended Marion College, became an elementary school teacher, and later married Galen Hanley who was a car salesman.

She had two children, Bill and Nancy. After raising her family, Mary went back to work for the Marion school system as a truancy officer.

“She was a good teacher and was very passionate about her students,” said her son Bill Hanley. “She made sure to get the underprivileged kids in the school system. Sometimes she even gave them money for clothes.”

Mary was a very caring Presbyterian. She liked to cook and she passed her love for playing golf on to her son Bill.

Bill Hanley graduated from Purdue University, was a member of the marines and attended Harvard Business School. In 1978, Bill decided to set up a mission statement for his family. He wanted to give back to the people and organizations who had impacted his family and who had helped them succeed.

In following his mission statement, Bill set up the Mary Clark Hanley Teaching Excellence Award Endowed Fund to honor his mother and to reward teachers who work hard to ensure the success of their students. Recipients use the award for such expenses as school supplies or online classes.

Nancy has also started a fund at the Community Foundation. The Nancy Hanley Dalton Women’s Tennis Sportsmanship Award is given to a member of the Marion High School Girls Tennis Team each year.

This fund was set up to honor Mary and her past experience as a teacher.

“I don’t think teachers are rewarded enough,” said Hanley. “I wanted to set up an award that would allow teachers to choose to honor peers who inspire them.”

Fund Impact:
Marion Community School Corp

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